Florida Man Hangs on Hood of 18-Wheeler for 9 Miles on Turnpike

Well, you no longer can say that this only happens in the movies.

Last weekend a man in an SUV traveling south on the Florida Turnpike began acting strangely and then pulled onto the shoulder. He then hopped the concrete barrier and began walking north. As traffic slowed, he hopped onto the front of a passing 18-wheeler and climbed onto the hood.

The man proceeded to beat on the windshield of the 18-wheeler with his fists and head as the driver continued north for nine miles. A nearby vehicle recorded the episode, and you can see the truck swerving and abruptly slowing as the driver tries to get the unwanted passenger off of his truck.

At one point the man on the hood of the truck yells at the person taking the video to call the police.

Eventually, the police catch up to the truck, which stops, and the police then take the man off the hood and into custody.

In a day or two we’ll probably hear that the man has COVID-19, because apparently it’s responsible for everything.

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Comments (3)

  1. MH

    Did they check the truck. Perhaps the truck was carrying abducted people or contraband of some other sort. There must have been a reason he wanted the police called and he had obviously been following the truck. Curious. Love to ask questions. Really, really love investigating to fine the truth. But the man probably got institutionalized and a possible criminal got away

    • michael j waltz

      It was President Trumps fault , the guy was a Democrat and was made crazy by the republicans . It will be on the news tonight along with Julia Dreyfus 2 cents.

    • Chaplain Rodger De Ramus

      For a grown man to hop onto the hood of an 18 wheeler and ride it for several miles, there has got to be a good reason. Was he drunk or under the influence of drugs or alcohol? If not then, stop the truck driver and ask him what was transpiring while the man was hanging onto his hood.

      There is only a few things that would make me to stop my car and then run across the interstate and hop onto a traveling 18-wheeler and that is I have information that this driver has drugs or illegal immigrates riding in the trailer of this big truck. They found a truck load of people pack, I mean Packed in the trailer of a truck. Some of them where so near death, they died on the way to a hospital, the others where so dehydrated they could not stand up without the help of the other people. It was horrific. I have never heard of anything so bad.

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