Firefighter Disciplined for Taking Burned Toddler to Hospital When Ambulance Didn’t Arrive


Some things make you shake your head, like hearing that a first responder was disciplined for doing what most of us would consider to be the right thing.

Major Corey Britt, a 25-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Fire Department, was removed from his position as senior company officer after a complaint was filed against the firefighter by EMSA, the emergency service that sent an ambulance to a Christmas Eve incident.

Britt arrived on the scene of a medical call for 3-year-old Quinn Amme. The child suffered second-degree burns to her lower body. When EMS failed to arrive more than 20 minutes later, and after several calls, Britt decided not to wait. He transported the young girl to the hospital on a fire department vehicle.  Britt’s actions violated state law by transporting a victim, but they seem like common sense in the situation.

The department decided that Britt will keep his pay and rank but would face “internal corrective measures.” Sources said one of the measures was removal as a senior company officer.

Family members of the victim are offering support to Britt and said it was EMS that failed. Parents Corey and Kristen Amme said they were left waiting for EMS to arrive after their daughter was scalded with hot oil from a fondue pot.

Kristen said that after waiting with firefighters for over 20 minutes for EMS to arrive, she called a dispatcher back, was told the ambulance was still at least ten minutes away.

The grateful mother praised Britt’s decision to transport her and her daughter to the hospital:

One of several firefighters offering support for Britt told local news station KFOR News:

“None of the firefighters feel like this is fair. Yes, we know he broke policy, but he was only trying to help the child.”

We all want an officer Britt around when our loved ones are hurt.

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Comments (39)

  1. Charline Cristofori

    Some members of the world have gone madly upside down — give this Fireman a well deserved medal and fire the jackasses
    that took this demoralizing action against him.

  2. bill knight

    My father was a firefighter from the year I was born. Thank GOD they were taught First Aid Life Saving techniques, and their commonsense wasn’t beaten out of them. If this was a policy violation, fine, but with burn victims going into shock time is Life itself and you only have so much. His decision to transport was the correct one. The extra ten minutes could very well have killed her. Hope the Agency pulls their collective heads out and the firefighter receives a medal for saving a critical life!

  3. deb

    The child was severely burnt? The ambulance was at least 10 minutes away? The fireman somehow got their first and took the child and the mother to the hospital! AND some doofus without common sense files a complaint?

    He sounds like hero to me.

  4. Nancy B. Williams

    The Fire Dept. officials are completely wrong. This fireman should be applauded for his actions. As the article stated it was the EMS personnel that failed at their job. Does this city only have 1 EMS available for the entire city? This is a disgrace. The city officials should be scrutinized for their lack of service to this entire community and be faced with any outcomes that result . Perhaps public censuring city officials, fire dept. officials and/or EMS officials. would be the way to go.

  5. Wes H

    WTF? Has everyone gone insane???

  6. Robert Koch

    Politics seem to always override common sense, Maybe the family could sue the city for POOR service.

  7. MB

    The ones who fined the fireman for keeping life safe?
    Wondering if it was their child instead?
    Gosh real dumbed down
    Time is essential, those who fined the Firemen are not essential
    Worthless piece of a……..👀

  8. Alexia

    Thank God this brave firefighter Did break protocol and took the little girl and mother to hospital. This child very likely could have gone into shock from pain and Died (!!). I have been scalded by hot oil on hand and arm…the pain is unbearable. Think of poor child being scaled on most of lower body. Sometimes officials should use logic, and what used to be “common sense,” instead of abiding by rules that at times must be broken to provide the greater good and compassion.

  9. Letha

    As a mother who’s son was severely burned from waistline up, and spent 3 months in burn unit and a brother who spent 1 year in burn unit who had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. On over 80 percent of his body .The accidents happened 20 years apart and the difference in how far burn treatment has progressed is nothing short as a miracle. And it’s of an essential to get treatment as fast as possible. I praise the firefighter and any first responders because the are essential to providing life saving help.

  10. Dennis Correa

    Thank God for fire fighters like Officer Britt. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand his actions although not according to the book was necessary. Those individuals who second guessed Office Britt should be disciplined. They should be reminded that all actions are not covered in the book. Now the attorneys that are spearing this action should be fired. Thanks.


  11. Weldon Griffith

    Someone in Oklahoma City is out of stupid Head!! The fire man should been awarded a 🏅 for

  12. PatriciaHORWTH

    I AM PROUD OF HIS JUDGEMENT I would do the same if it were me

  13. george

    How would they feel if it was their child? I support the firefighter 100%. They waited for EMS longer than I would have. The ones that should be held accountable are the EMS companies that did not provide speedy and proper service for a family in need. I am a retired firefighter and I remember when I accepted the profession I took a pledge to serve the public. I feel that is what to place at this incident and that he had the best interest in mind when he made the decision to transport the child. I am sure that the parents were fine with his decision and that they gave their permission to do so.
    Shame on the EMS service that did not notify the fire department that there was going to be a delay in the arrival of the ambulance.
    Shame on the administration for not backing their employee for doing his job and having the interest of the people he serves in mind.
    I give him a BIG THUMBS UP and hope he keeps up the good work that he does for his community!
    George Cox
    Retired firefighter—-Lima, Ohio Fire Department (40 yrs.)
    Retired Asst. Chief—-Bluffton, Ohio Volunteer Fire Department (45 yrs.)
    10043 Augsburger Road
    Bluffton, Ohio 45817-9508


  14. Weldon Griffith

    Someone in Oklahoma City is out of stupid Head!! The fire man should been awarded a 🏅 for what he did. Policy and be damn, that young child had to be excruciating pain. The ambulance company should be sued and fine for poor response. As a retired Police Officer I would have done the very same thing the Fireman did!!!

  15. Patricia Trout

    Common sense is a thing of the past! The butt-hurt feelings of the EMSA should take the back seat to the welfare of the victim – always!! This officer deserves a medal, not a rebuke! Maybe a lawsuit would change their attitude!

  16. SWB

    Sometimes you must make a hard decision what is a rule that doesn’t take life in hand over a rule then it isnot a good rule and needs to be amended. Praise to the firefighter that thinks life is more important than the rule that was probably thought of by a swamp creature. Those that care for rule over humanity are swamp creatures and need to be voted out.

  17. Papa Lee

    If the fire department or the city follows up on the EMSA complaint, I would like to see both the firefighter and the little girl’s family die both the department or city and EMSA. EMSA is totally and completely out of line by blowing smoke over the fact that they are 100% at fault for being inept and incompetent in fulfilling their obligation to provide the service in a timely manner. In fact, their contract, if one exists, should be cancelled, or their services should no longer be used. They do not deserve any consideration.

  18. Pissed Off American

    Commies at Work. More interested in following their “Policy” than helping the kid. Make every body tow the line no matter what! Can’t have anybody thinking or acting for themselves no matter what the cost. That’s what the NWO, U.N. want from all of us. Do what they say even if you die trying to comply. GOD Bless the fire fighter for doing his job. Piss on Headquarters , I’m sure the ambulance company complained that they missed their fee because they didn’t get there fast enough. The fire fighter did the best he could and did the right thing.

  19. Anthony Cadiou

    Comon sense, even if he couldnt transport a police officer could or even a bystander.

  20. Billy Wilson

    This person should have gotten a medal ,not a rebuke . What are these people thinking , not being concerned with the child just their butts. They all need to resign and take classes for being human.

  21. cynthia brown


  22. Cheryl

    This fireman did the right thing. Our world is upside down these days. It’s ridiculous to punish this man for helping this child when the ambulance system failed her. As a retired RN, I know how important it is to get a burn victim into treatment ASAP.

  23. Tom Snyder

    She goes the direction the wind blows. She pays the bail for criminals, she has been voted to be the politician most influenced by China other than Biden and Mitch McConnell, , her track record in California as DA is terrible for protection of “innocent until proven guilty, She manages to use innuendos to bend the facts. She supports and calls to action rioters to take to the streets. Shall I go on?

    Tom Snyder

    • Tom Snyder

      If moderation for me means to change the facts for her behavior, then why ask for my thoughts????? Don’t expect her to change or moderate her behavior or thoughts.
      Tom Snyder

  24. Doris Scott

    WHEN DOES COMMON SENSE OUT WAY POLICY……..I would hope that Major Britt or someone like him is on duty if I had a problem and the ambulance wasn’t available. They should be honoring him instead of kicking him in the teeth……all because an ambulance company didn’t get paid their big fat fee….

    Thank you Major Britt, you did your duty and a little girl got the help she needed.
    Doris Scott

  25. Dent Sweem

    This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever even heard of in my entire time on this planet! If the parents want to file a petition I have friends and we will file a petition to restore Major Corey Britt back to his status as Senior Company OFFICER immediately! I can’t believe the ignoramus who filed this to begin with. I would like this person’s name please! this has to be made right!

  26. Anne M Rubeo

    This is proof some of our regulations are stupid, illogical and lacking common sense. This Firefighter should get a medal for using common sense and saving a child. Who should be held is the EMT people who took so long to get to the child. This world is going to hell in a handbasket!!!

  27. Leslie Kehn

    This is wrong. I suppose first responders were union.

  28. Charlotte Gillespie

    Sure the Fireman should have waited for the ambulance but the story reads that the ambulance never made it. He was only trying to save a child from hurting and wanting to have the child to have MEDICAL IE, DOCTORS help with the burns. I think the fireman should have award for helping the child and taking on himself to get the Medical attention the child deserved. Thank the Lord we have Fireman that really CARES! The Brass always takes it out on the lower ranking fireman just to show they are higher in rank then them. THEN THE LORD GIVES THE LOWLY FIREMAN A STAR IN HIS CROWN IN HEAVEN WHEN HE GETS THERE!!! To me the Lord is the only one the fireman has to Please. Amen

  29. Maryann Holloway-Crowe

    What that firefighter done was heroic. Anyone would have done what he did. If you hold him accountable. Then you are guilty to, if this was your child wouldn’t you want someone to save your child. Give him a medal.

  30. Terry

    I agree with the family of the victim. It was the fault of the emergency ambulance company, for not getting there sooner. The Oklahoma State law failed to protect the firefighter and should be changed so if this situation happens again there will be common sense that prevails.

  31. Alice King

    Good for him–the extra time could have caused the child’s injuries to worsen before they arrived at the hospital.

  32. Bill

    The man should get a pat on the back and reward

  33. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

    Policy is policy and rules are rules and he knew it.
    HOWEVER, his heart was in the right place and to bust him from his position wasn’t fair. Suspend him without pay, but restore his rank.

  34. Greg Kashuba

    This is typical of piss pour management. 98% of management have this same defect! It’s because most managers have a fear that bending a rule shows their personal loss of control. Rules are put in place to guide people and set expectations. There are three types of managers;

    Type 1: manage by fear; Employees working for this manager are basically scared if they
    take initiative on their own they will fired or reprimanded for not doing every step
    by the letter of the law.
    Type 2: manage by fiat; employees like working for this manager but this manager is afraid
    to try anything new suggested by employees because he himself is afraid of his or
    hIs or her management.
    Type 3: manage with an iron fist inside a velvet glove. This manager understands the rules
    but also understands when a rule is broken, why it was broken and knows how to stand


    Too bad more people are not like him. If I ever was hurt, I would hope someone like him would take me to the hospital. I am proud of him!!!

  36. Glenn

    EMSA must be a worthless union job that prefers patients suffer and/or die rather than do their job

  37. john colistra

    give that firefighter a commendation. Those high and mighty officials have their heads up where the sun does not shine.

  38. Fred

    I couldn’t believe this is happening in USA. The firefighter is right. Whoever deciding for the institution need to be sacked instead. Let the people decide,

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