FBI ‘Vets’ National Guardsmen, Removes 12 from Capitol Security Mission…Is It a Loyalty Test?

U.S. officials reported that 12 U.S. Army National Guardsmen were removed from the inaugural security mission after vetting by the FBI found that they have ties to right-wing militia groups or posted extremist views online.

However, nothing about their associations or views were reported to be illegal, or even in violation of their oath to the National Guard or the nation.

The removal came after the FBI vetted all 25,000 troops assigned to the security mission.

This sure sounds like a “loyalty” test, which is common in dictatorial countries. If the government can restrict our activities just because we exercise two Constitutional rights, freedom of speech and peaceable assembly (association), then are those activities no longer Constitutional?


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Comments (9)

  1. Mlchael Rush

    Too bad this type of investigation didn’t take place in Oregon last summer or maybe we wouldn’t be in this place right now with Biden/Harris team in the WH.

  2. Dan Parker

    I don’t know what to believe I heard that a special forces agent was in the so called riot where it cleared showed capital police opening and holding the doors of the capital building open and as always the fake news mainstream media blew that all up and blamed President Trump the only non corrupt member in a government office position then I heard that we were going to be under marshal law and Trump was going to be aboard Air Force one internet and communications would be shut down by the military and only the emergency broadcast systems would be working and the military was going to arrest everyone from the left and the corrupt Biden family and Pelosi Shummer and Shiff and anyone involved with the illegal activities of the voting fraud and now I don’t know what to believe and I don’t trust any of my country’s government and I am at a very dark dangerous place in my mind right now and I have no place to turn to even talk too about it God Bless the USA I have my doubts about God too now. Some advice would be helpful. Thanks Dan

  3. Rivahmitch

    Beginning of an ethnically and culturally cleansed Praetorian Guard. Following the practices of the Roman and Russian empires, the cleansed group will be used against those groups (say, white, middle-class Christians) with whom they have no ethnic orcultural affinity. History does, indeed, repeat itself. Best be prepared.

  4. Dolores J Adams

    Utterly ridiculous.

  5. shiva ki

    These soldiers took an oath to America and Americans; They OWE their loyalty to their oath, NOT to an illegitimate gang of criminals that committed treason against the American people and America to “take over” OUR government!!!

    • J mann

      To Dan Parker.
      Same here. The very sites I went to for “truth, honesty…
      I was later literally kicked in the head, gut & teeth! Now Not trusting Anyone!!!
      My relationship with God & Christ Jesus is greatly effected & in Much Need of repair
      I feel your flustrations, emotions, trust issued, & the whole 9 yards.
      But God our Father says to take refuge in Him and to Daily seek Him & His wor. So even if I had many other options, I would still go with His 1st because ik His is the best.
      Praying & hopping the best for you.

  6. carolyn marlin

    Sir are F.B.I. trying to frame nonKenities and over look Kenities and their leaders/////??????

  7. Eric Tarleton

    Dan Parker, It’s not God’s fault.

  8. Nancy Levey

    I want the US government investigated Where do their loyalties lie,certainly not with the American people.Their loyalists lie with the CCP.

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