Fauci Wants You To Wear Two Masks, Pelosi’s Metal Detector Hypocrisy & The Trump Impeachment Trial


In this episode, we’re discussing, why the CDC recommends we wear TWO masks now, Nancy Pelosi’s metal detector hypocrisy, Chase deplatforms “MAGA” coffee company and we round-up of the latest news surrounding the Trump impeachment trial.

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Comments (20)

  1. Michael Hannan

    Not a chance!

  2. Danny Noble

    CDC can get stuffed.

    I remember highlights of the last years panic – CDC said we could catch covid from someone up to 100 feet away, from a toilet seat, from a crown of more than 3 people.

    CDC has destroyed more lives this last year than Obama did in 8 years. I take nothing they say for gospel. They are political hacks, nothing more.

  3. Karen Laidlaw

    Maybe I’ll de-platform Chase Bank. Think about it. This is getting to be ridiculous.

  4. A.I. Marvin

    They want you to wear 2 masks to make up for them wearing none at the sporting events. Democrats always forget they are caught on video.

  5. A.I. Marvin

    It does not decrease your oxygen level ? Dentists and doctors routinely measure your oxygen level. why would they do that ? I live in a red state.

  6. kim mussetter

    One mask is ridiculous let alone two! The masks as status symbols!!!! Insane.
    When are we going to get back to common sense!

  7. Carl Clark

    Who else is capable to equal Pres Trump’s performance during his 4 years in office. Who else couke withstand the abuse he experienced in that 4 years??

  8. Chase

    Dr. Fauci is as crazy as our present administration. One Question: Instead of wearing two masks, staying home forever, and maintaining social distancing from family members and strangers, how about just STOP BREATHING!

  9. Larry Smith

    eff phoney Fauci!

  10. dave wineland

    RE: mask & how many? I’m 78 with copd. one mask inhibits breathing. I do not mask. I believe ‘we’ve been brainwashed with questionable data. There have been reports of 90% false positives? Deaths counted as co-vid but 4 stage cancer or heart attack or the auto accident was “contributing”? Between ‘fake new’ and corrupt politicians, I’m not sure co-vid is any worse than the flu in 2008 which didn’t even get the 6 o’clock news. After a year of being told how “lethal” this virus is has normally intelligent people afraid. This is Nazi Germany in 1938. Mao had similar tactics. Others say these are conspiricies? Well maybe co-vi is the Trojan horse? Why is Fauci the highest paid government employee? More than the President? We haven’t had “death” stats reported in a couple months? Why? I am a skeptic but in my life I’ve seen innacurate news than real facts. I’ve witnessed first hand!


    trump incompetent

    • Gail

      Wearing two masks is just crazy, your not gonna get any more protection. There are people that are claustrophobic and cannot wear one. How can they tell you that you shouldn’t have an issue with the mask. Everyone is different.

    • Billy Wilson

      You a democrat blame the wrong person its Biden in charge idiot.

  12. Rick

    CDC can kiss my ass.

    • Douglas l Eklund

      Fauci, is totally politically motivated and is part of The very, very deep swamp and is working very hard with the rest of the swamp rats to take down America and make us all slaves to Globalist, I saw him say on TV way back that masks weren’t needed. Wake up Americans before it’s to late.

  13. MB

    Yes, heard of the double masking 😷
    Then hearing about nylon stockings on the head with 2 masks
    Will the next one be the plastic bags over the heads, being zip locked as an extra measure from…?????

    How dumb are we as a nation of sheep’s?

  14. D-Day

    As always, Fauci can shove his masks where the sun don’t shine! He’s nothing but a fraud, and we all know it. His suggestions mean nothing to me!

  15. Richard Whiteside

    This effort to destroy our American way of life is wearing pretty hard on me. Unelected bureaucrats attempting to handcuff me is a stain on my freedom.

  16. Woodie thompson

    The impeachment managers unethically presented their case and that should be challenged by ever senator! Even the Democrats should be opposed ! We k ow they wont !

  17. Centurion

    If masks work so well 1) why we must wear them through 2022 and 2) why must we double up on them?

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