Fatal Police Shooting of Knife Wielding Man in Lancaster PA Sparks Protests

Lancaster PA saw protests over the weekend after a fatal police shooting. A man was charging at police while wielding a knife when officers shot him. During the protests the police have arrested 12 adults and 1 juvenile for arson and vandalism.

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Comments (3)

  1. GS

    12 “adults”, huh?

  2. Jon James

    So what on earth is a Police Officer meant to do when a mad man comes charging towards him with a knife? Politely ask him to hand over the knife! I don’t think so, the offender knew what would happen and got what he deserved. The Police Officer did the right thing, it is, as said in the video ‘clear cut’.
    These so called protesters are destroying America.

  3. Cheryl

    At this point you can bet that anytime a black individual is shot by a police officer there is going to be a protest. It doesn’t matter that the individual has a rap sheet miles long or when apprehended has high levels of illegal drugs in their system or for that matter even their own family member called the police, as in this situation… They are always the innocent victim…. As this video shows, this man was a lunitc…. A danger to anyone in his path. Let’s ask any one of the protesters who immediately run out and cry defund the police, if they would feel differently about how this was handled if they or a loved one was brutally attacked before the police arrived…. This world is a mess… Wake up America…

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