Fan Wants $1 Million from Astros For Broken Finger

How much is your finger worth?  To a woman at a Houston Astros game, the number is seven figures.

Jennifer Harughty sat behind third base last July when the Houston Astros mascot, Orbit, shot a t-shirt her way with a t-shirt cannon.

The shirt hit her hand.

According to Reuters, after the game she went to the emergency room and was told she needed surgery.  She’s since had a second surgery and reports having little use of the finger.

She is suing for $1 million for pain and suffering, and wants the Astros organization to better train their staff on using the t-shirt cannon.

Harughty told local outlet KTRK:

It was a life-changing event that I think if it happened to anybody else … they would feel the same way.

The Astros aren’t buying it.

The team released a statement:

The Astros are aware of the lawsuit with allegations regarding Orbit’s T-shirt launcher.  We do not agree with the allegations. The Astros will continue to use popular T-shirt launchers during games.

It appears that in this situation, the Astros gave Harughty the finger.

Hopefully she also got the t-shirt.

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