Facebook and Twitter Engage in Election Meddling by Censoring Hunter Biden Stories

Has Facebook and Twitter engaged in election meddling by censoring the New York Post Hunter Biden leaks? After the story broke, many people on the social media platforms were sharing the article, only to find that the content was being blocked by the big tech companies. Do they have too much power?

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Comments (2)

  1. Danita

    Fouchi has changed his mind so much because of politics it’s hard to trust him anymore. It’s a shame even scientists are unable to just do their jobs without using their political views in order to skew the truth.

  2. joe mummerth

    the big tech companies have no business censoring anything , they are extreme left leaning , and come damned close to fascist in their methods ! zuckerberg for one should be doing time for his crimes against the constitution ,and the people of the united states ! twitter ,and youtube are just as bad !

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