Without a Pardon, Trump Could Face a World of Legal Issues as He Enters Private Life

Tradition calls for those who have served as president to be called president after they leave office, and there’s no doubt that retiring from the highest office has its list of perks.

But a shield from lawsuits isn’t one of them, and Trump is likely to be a favorite target for attorney generals and district attorneys around the country. Without a pardon, he’s fair game, but even with one, he would still be a target.

As Reuters reports, presidential pardons can only accomplish so much. They can shut down prosecutions by the U.S. Department of Justice, a federal agency. But investigations brought by state-level prosecutors, such as the criminal probe Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is leading into whether Trump’s businesses engaged in fraud, would still be active.

Vance has not charged anyone with criminal wrongdoing and Trump has said the investigation is politically motivated.

A self-pardon would have only increased calls to prosecute Trump on a state level, said Daniel R. Alonso, a lawyer at the Buckley firm and Vance’s former deputy in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

It could also have fueled efforts to hold Trump accountable through civil lawsuits brought by private litigants, such as family members of people who died during the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump followers, said Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

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Comments (13)

  1. Joseph

    Because she is two faced, just like her snake husband.

  2. rose

    For the life of me…I don’t know why trump didn’t pardon himself and family members…..so sad, that they just cant leave him alone…he’s gone…he’s about to be impeached….let it go…

  3. Jean Peeters

    Leave Pres. Trump alone. He was great for our country. Dems you are already failing and you are not liked.

  4. Smokey


  5. Chuck Marshall

    Every reasonable American knows that these attacks against President Trump are nothing but political persecution. He has done nothing wrong. What has been attacked as wrong was really a strong defense of the election process. He was not in any way responsible for the tragic events at the capitol. The principle instigators were Antifa insurgents. Anyone who followed them in any unlawful activity were themselves responsible for their actions. Trump in no way asked for that kind of behavior. Please stop the mean-hearted stupidity.

    • Young Wood

      I have NEVER seen a President so hated and beaten up and shown NO RESPECT by so many, but yet he got up every day and went to work for OUR country and did not call in sick (sick and tired of all the TRUMP haters). That mail in voting was the WORST thing that could have been done. This man worked for one (1) dollar a year and did he ask for anything? Respect for him was really lacking, but yet he kept on going like the Every Ready rabbit. I truly do believe that if President Trump would accept this job again, he would step up to the task again. Look how his wife and son has been treated by the media
      and these liberal news folks. We are now entering a dark age in our lives and it is our children and
      GRANDCHILDREN that I worry about. I just hope that good LORD will not turn HIS back on us. enough said for now.

  6. Sarah

    Hard to believe Biden won fairly. He sat in his basement knowing the fix was in. He has never accomplished one thing in48 years, never had a real job, appears senile and we are to believe he won fair and square? Now he is destroying all the great things Trump did for America and wants our support (?). As I see what is happening, as Biden and his crooked cohorts create destruction by creating unemployment for thousands, increases our taxes because the newly unemployed will not be able to pay taxes and creates chaos as he snidely states he wants to bring us all together but under his party preference. I neve thought the lack of education of our youth these last 40/50years would be the destruction of the United States of America but here we are in the last days of America. I cry over this death. China Joe has brought us a socialist/communist future. Did you vote for China Joe? I didn’t!

  7. Dorothy

    It seems that our government is so dishonest and President tried to clean the swamp and i think he did some. The Democrats do not like him because he will not back down. Has there ever been a President who was able to Talk with the leader of North Korea ? Has any other President stopped Korea from firing off missiles? As I see it, the answer is NO. Why can;t people give credit where credit is Do? President Trump was our President and he should be know as President Trump until the day he dies. The people need who do not like him does not have any respect for themselves or anyone else, all they care about is themselves. God is watching these people and in time he will take care of them. The end of the World is on its way. Amen.

  8. Longshorts

    Trump needs no pardon, as he did so much good for the Nation. The fiasco at the Capitol wasn’t his idea, something he tried to avoid. I see some of the agitators at the Capitol Building were also at the riots in other cities – some of those in Biden’s pay, some who wanted Trump out no matter what they had to do. This was PLANNED by Biden sympathizers (who would never waste a good riot, especially when they started it). These sympathizers WANTED to outrage the Congress so that those who would object wouldn’t have the chance to fight the last chance that President Trump had. The results were perfect for Biden, catastrophic for Trump. Biden will pay for his now obvious transgressions, and Trump will still be there, waiting.

  9. Delores O

    I’m so sick of hearing Trump being blamed for Jan.6th. He is innocent and everyone knows it. The American people should be removing the hate inciting Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Harris who all are guilty of Treason, Traitors, Insurrection, Sedition, inciting hate and oh yeah, Theft in Office for recieving money they never earned and wasting over 45 million dollars of Social Security for the last impeachment which they knew was a lie. Now another impeachment, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Democrats need to get help for their hate. Then once they get help maybe they need to leash the rioters they hired, who have gotten out of control. They need to Apologize for all the loss of life and businesses they had controlled. Our Country is becoming a joke to the World because our Government head had to steal the Election to win and his hate is strangling our Country all because of his evil hate for President Trump.

    • Eijebong

      Unfortunately, America is not “…becoming a joke to the world…”, it ‘is’ already a joke, and has been for many years.
      This is primarily because ‘of’ The Donald, but running a close second is due to Americans such as yourself, who (surprisingly) still do not understand ‘your own’ election processes, together with the checks and balances that ensure the elections themselves are held fairly. If you did ‘actually’ understand what has been going on, you would then ‘know’ that the only ‘fraud’ was The Donald on the American people.
      Are the Democrats ‘the Answer’? Probably not, from my viewpoint. However, the current ‘madness’—politically, and socially—desperately needs a reset. Hopefully, Biden can work towards making this happening. With the divisiveness of The Donald no longer ‘in play’, the opportunity for a reset is now here.
      Rather than be just another ‘clueless parrot’ for the misinformation–diatribe brigade, please take the time to ‘personally’ research and validate these contentious issues using trusted and reliable sources.

      • Ron

        I still ask people what did Trump really do for 4 years and never get any answers. Maybe because he really did not do anything that changed anyone’s life for the better. Trump with the help of Miller took the Hilter book and used it to do all the damage he did to this country. He is a fake and should have never been elected President.

  10. Charles Santos

    The whole world knows how Trump orchestrated the attack on the U.S. Capitol and his failure to save the lives of the American people from Covid19 due to his greed for power and self-aggrandizement. Trump should be punished in one way or another till he is broke to ease the pain and suffering of families that have been a victim of his twisted personal ambition.

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