Trump Can Still Communicate Even Without Well-Known Social Media

Companies from Twitter to Snapchat have banned or blocked President Trump, but that doesn’t mean he’s been silenced.

President Trump could turn to lesser-known social media platforms such as MeWe and Gab, as well as video platforms such as Rumble and DLive, or he could step out and create his own platform.

Monica Stephens, assistant professor at the University of Buffalo, whose research focuses on topics including social media, said:

“I don’t think Trump will join these smaller platforms himself. It is more likely he will create something on his own as opposed to joining something subjected to somebody else’s controls.”

He might take a middle path, joining Gab and other platforms for a while as he develops his own. But one thing seems certain, he won’t simply go quietly.  He has a loud voice and, when he was deactivated, 88 million Twitter followers. Don’t expect him to just fade away.

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Comments (2)

  1. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

    With all of the tech giants holding the cards, maybe not just Trump followers would join an independent Twitter style communication platform. If they think they can ban everyone who disagrees with their political views, then those who do disagree needs to delete their accounts. I did, but all I have to do is just click their icon and my account comes tight up. Facebook does not delete everyone’s account; only those who disagree with them. I’m not sure about Twitter.

  2. Mistrbill

    I’ve been looking for a reason to get off the computer so maybe this is where I should go when everything goes to HEDOUBLETOOTHPICKS!

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