Facebook Sees Rising Talk of Violence…It’s Getting Worse, Not Better

After storming the Capitol resulted in two direct and three indirect deaths, as well as widespread condemnation across the nation, you might think that people would take a few days to think about where we are and what should happen next.

No such luck.

Facebook reports that it has seen increased web traffic discussing future violent acts surrounding the presidential election, including gatherings across the country on inauguration day.

The company is tracking digital flyers tied to militias that appear to be calling people to arms.

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Comments (11)

  1. Carey J. Nuyen

    Gee, ya think ole Dorsey and Zucker I wanna get girls Zuckerberg might not be as smart as they think?

    What did they expect? They are guilty of “Lighting the fires of civil WAR! These Fools I can no longer suffer!

  2. rick

    What do you expect when you have a stolen election, a crooked court system, law enforcement for one side only, & a new form of government aptly titled a Criminalocracy? Unity? Don’t make me puke!

  3. Kevin Johnson

    US citizens would be better off reading the history of USS Liberty. ( 1967 ) Maybe figure where real danger is from ,,,

  4. Retired and pissed

    They will not ban antifa and blm, the ones trying to start riots

  5. Janet Leonardis

    Our State politicians are to blame for all of this unrest. Had they not changed the voting rules just prior to election day for a presidential election, I don’t think anyone would have objected so strongly to the election results. In NJ anyway, I was robbed of my normal voting process by our useless gov, daddy Murphy using Covid as an excuse, while folks piled into Home Depot and Walmart. Am I supposed to believe that Covid only targets voting booths??? Violence serves no purpose nor does counting and recounting ballots that were not obtained via the normal voting process. However, it is very sad that Americans will never know the truth about who won the election. It might have been Trump or it might have been Bidden. Who knows? The country is divided. Blaming President Trump may make Nancy Pelosi feel better, but the blame actually lies on the state politicians that failed to follow the law and allow Americans to vote as usual.

    • Ruth

      Again, your assertions have been laughed out of multiple courts, across all party lines, including by Trump-appointed judges. Biden won the election fair and square, just as Trump won it fair and square in 2016. I was extremely upset that he had won, yet you didn’t see my side trying to storm the Capitol in an effort to overturn a free and fair election. Y’all are just sore losers and, like toddlers who don’t get their way, threw (and keep throwing) a temper tantrum.

  6. Billy Richard Wilson

    Leftist Democrat’s have brought this on themselves with hostage taking by Pelosi . Wanting to reeducate anyone who voted for Trump GEE sure sounds a lot like Communism is here watch your backs.

  7. Ira Mercer

    It seems that a National uprising is the only way out country and justice will be preserved! I just wish I was much younger.

  8. William Baker

    Since the Dumbocrats won’t listen this is the only way to get their attention. When it happened all sumner they were. Quiet. This movement needs to get bigger and continue until they wake up and listen what the people that hired them want

  9. John Carey

    This is no joke>>>You thought Ali And Frazier…. let’s get ready to rumble or the thriller in Manilla was the main event …. guess again>>>> I for sure do not endorse this … civil unrest as if this were a civil war will be the talk of the day. If we don’t get a handle on this boom spontaneous combustion like you have never seen before. And do you think the underground militia is going to telegraph when and where it’s coming to a neighborhood near you…. think again? Not to be the profit of doom and gloom….. but a bucket of blood is in the forecast as America falls deeper and deeper to the dark side…. God bless America!! Hope this does not happen.

  10. Larry Sentelle

    Seeing how Democrats have treated President Trump, from the very moment he announced his intention to run for the office of President, and now calling Trump supporters “Sore Losers,” is all the evidence of hypocrisy is, all of the proof I require. Yes, Democrats, your party is a cancer. Joe Bidern is a criminal, and yes, there is PLENTY of proof, Joe’s not MY President. As they say, “Turnabout is fair play.” Ready yourselves Democrats, Joe and Kamala, are not going to have any easy 4 years. The way you treated President Trump, shall be the way you will be treated. As it is said; “Karma is a bitch.” Yes, and she has a very long whip. As you have treated us so, we will treat you. You wanted division? Now, YOU’VE GOT IT!

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