Iowa Democratic Caucus Results a Mess, But One Thing Clear: They Want to Beat Trump

Is it Sanders or Buttigieg? Maybe Biden? Did Warren surprise? No one knows.

As Americans wake up the day after the Iowa caucus, there’s no word on the results. The organization running the caucuses used an app to tally the numbers and found inconsistencies, so they delayed reporting. There are paper backups which should ensure that the final tally is accurate, but the snafu takes a lot of power away from the process.

Instead of newspapers across the country declaring the winner of the first votes for a Democratic presidential nominee, they’re lamenting the process.

The fractured group of candidates is already heading to New Hampshire for the second round of voting on February 11.

But just because they don’t know the winner yet doesn’t mean that Iowa Democrats didn’t show unity. As election-day polling firm Edison Research found, most caucus-goers were simply looking for a winner instead of someone who agrees with them on the issues.  They want someone, anyone, who can beat President Trump.

Sixty percent want a candidate who can topple Trump, while 40% were looking for a candidate who agrees with them on major issues. There were fewer newcomers, with just 30% participating in the caucus for the first time, down from 44% in 2016. Almost a third chose their candidate within the last few days.

Aside from beating Trump, the number one issue was healthcare. Climate was at the top of the list for 20% of the voters, and 10% were most concerned with foreign policy.


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