It’s Not Just Americans; Indians Want to Avoid Chinese Products As Well

It’s not just Americans, citizens in other nations are pushing back against China as well, and want to know if the stuff they buy came from the Middle Kingdom.

E-commerce players in India such as Amazon’s local unit and Walmart’s Flipkart are considering will consider asking sellers on their platforms to list the country of origin on products specifically so they can identify what comes from China… and avoid it. India and China have been skirmishing along their contested land border in recent months.

ministry’s Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), two of the sources said.

But what is the country of origin?  What percentage of parts or materials must come from a nation before that definition changes? No one has answered those questions yet.

Amazon and Flipkart have agreed to compel their seller to display the country of origin for all products.

Anti-China sentiments have simmered in India for years, with accusations of cheap imported products undercutting locally-manufactured good. But the tensions have heightened since the border clash.

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