Dutch Deal with Curfew By Dodging Rules; Borrow Dogs and Buy Delivery Uniforms

The Dutch Parliament is putting the finishing touches on the first nationwide curfew since WWII, and the citizens aren’t happy. But the curfew allows exceptions for essential workers, deliveries, and walking your dog.

Those exceptions spell opportunity.

People are signing up for borrow-a-dog services and ordering the uniforms of home delivery companies.

A website matching those needing help with their pets with volunteers for dog walking has been overwhelmed with offers.

Jos van Prooijen, who runs not-for-profit website, http://www.matcheenleenhond.nl, said:

“We normally get 10 offers a week and since they announced plans for a curfew on Tuesday we have received 300.”

Online market place Marktplaats.nl froze sales of jackets and clothing of well known delivery companies in response to soaring demand, newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported.

Some sellers offered empty scooter delivery boxes starting at 50 euros.

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