Instead of Threatening Employees Who Won’t Get Vaccine, Dollar General Offers to Pay Them


Carrots are better than sticks… and don’t hurt as much.

The Department of Labor ruled that employers are within their rights to demand a receipt showing employees have received a COVID-19 vaccine before allowing them to work, although no company has officially announced such a policy. Still, just the idea that a company can demand a health intrusion like that is chilling.

But one company is proactively taking a different approach. Dollar General is offering frontline employees four hours’ worth of pay if they get the vaccine, making the prospect much more attractive. The company said the extra pay was to compensate for time away from work, but really, who cares how they justify it?

Dollar General has encouraged all workers to get vaccinated and is working to make similar arrangements for salaried employees.

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Comments (1)

  1. Marsha Weiner

    I will NEVER be vaccinated,..period❗Science has shown all the hype to be needless and virus is no worse than the flu…but when people only watch the “fake” news channels, they do NOT have opportunity to be educated by other medical experts….so sad‼️

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