Dog Prices Shoot Higher During Pandemic…Cavapoos Jump From $1,000 to $3,400

What, you don’t know what a cavapoo is? To be honest, we had to look it up.

A cavapoo is a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, which grows to about 20 pounds and is quite affectionate, which sounds perfect for a pandemic partner.

According to a review of advertisements on the British pet website Pet4Homes, the prices for dogs have more than doubled this year, up from 888 British pounds (about $1,000) last year at this time to 1,888 (about $2,100).  The increase varies by breed, with cavapoos leading the way. Cocker spaniels also fetch much higher prices this year, having appreciated from around $700 to $2,100.

The lowest priced breed on the list was jack russell terriers, which increased from $375 to “just” $1,000.

For those not interested in 4-figure dogs, there’s always shelter and rescue animals, but with the pandemic holding down volunteers and general activity, many of these sources have run dry.

With so many people getting dogs for company, now might be a great time to buy shares of pet supply companies.  With any capital gains earned, you might be able to pay off the loan you needed to buy your pandemic pup.

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