Did Biker Rally in Sturgis Lead to 300 COVID-19 Infections or 250,000? Depends on Whom You Ask

Health officials worried about the annual biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.  The event drew half a million people who by all accounts spent much of their time in very close quarters with each other in various stages of sobriety and dress.  Think of this as the Harley Davidson answer to Burning Man, or Coachella.  Naturally, if people were frolicking, drinking, and what-have-you, then they could easily spread COVID-19.

The event happened the first week of August.  Depending on whom you ask, anywhere from 290 people to 250,000 people caught the disease at the event.

South Dakota health officials reported 124 cases in their state that could be traced back to Sturgis, as the rally is called, while the Associated Press reported 290 cases.  There has been one death reported.

But a research group out of California issued a 63-page report that labeled Sturgis a superspreader event that could infect 250,000 people, which will cost our national health system billions of dollars. The group stretches their imaginations and the truth to arrive at those numbers.

Now, guess which numbers have been picked up by the USA Today, NBC News, and Kaiser Health?  Yep, the 250,000-person and $12 billion-dollar estimates, because, why not?  They’re big, and they make “those people” look bad.

The researchers looked at cell phone data to track how closely people gathered at Sturgis, and then where they went after that.  By labeling the event as “supespreader,” they used exponential estimates of the number of infections that might occur.  To reach the $12-billion-dollar number, they estimate that everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 requires an average of $46,000 in care, including $11,000 for people who are asymptomatic.

How is it that people who have no symptoms require $11,000 in care?

So far, the outrageous estimates are nothing more than hyperbole.  The event occurred a month ago, and so far we haven’t seen one thousand, much less one or two hundred thousand, COVID-19 cases traced back to it.

We’ll see if the mainstream media reports the lack of cases.

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Comments (9)

  1. John Strom

    The left wing media wants us all locked down until they can rig the election for Biden. Then, suddenly, there’s no longer a problem.

    What the media is NOT telling us is – how many died? Probably none. And those who caught the Chinese made plague are mostly young and healthy. Believe NOTHING from the left wing media. Like Barack Obama and Dr. Faudi, they’re frauds.

    • Bill Chalmers Jr.

      John, this is what I’ve said all along, since they couldn’t get Trump on the Russian charges, they have worked on the FRAUD Covid-19 crap ! So far the numbers of Covid-19 cases, and that’s Deaths and Those that SUPPOST to have it, Just Don’t ADD UP ! So John, You are Right, these NUMBERS DON’T MATCH at ALL .

  2. Gil Lillard

    Big bunch of hipe. I don’t believe a thing the media says, much less anything coming out of California. The poorest run state in the country.

  3. J athom[pson

    So, Sturgis infects thousands and the riots infect zero

  4. Allen

    I am not even convinced that there were 300. I believe NO numbers on Covid cases in the United States of America.

  5. Edith Wenzel

    The number is 26……………not hundreds.

  6. D Krause

    Blah, blah, blah. The liberal media is staffed by liars and communists. And the only ones who believe them are people who WANT to believe their narrative. Ever heard of cognitive dissonance? Can’t admit you’re wrong so you invest everything you have to believe the lie.

  7. Patty Fraser

    Of course they are going to inflate the numbers….after all, haven’t they been doing that all along? The Democrats just need a small nudge, and they all go off. And why is that? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that since nothing else has worked to “get Trump”, let’s try this. The other thing is that today’s Democrat is not the Democrat of JFK’s era…they are socialists who want to control and run everything. Which is what we are seeing right now in the Democrat run cities and states. And since Sturgis is a bike rally and they’ve always gone wild over that weekend, they were easy targets…especially in South Dakota!

  8. Billy Wilson

    Media will always go with the higher numbers to pose a problem with Trump enough of this bs Media is a group of liars going with the democrat point of view

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