Dept. of Justice Labels NYC, Seattle, and Portland as Anarchist Jurisdictions, Threatens to Pull Funding

The fight between the Trump administration and cities in the U.S. just heated up a bit. Following the guidelines of a memo issued by President Trump earlier this month, the Department of Justice just designated New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington as anarchist jurisdictions.

The Department said:

The three cities “have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities,” leading to their designation as “anarchist jurisdictions.”

The designations aren’t idle chatter. Trump’s memo instructed the Office of Management and Budget to formulate plans for restricting eligibility for federal grants for any city labeled as an anarchist jurisdiction within 30 days. New York City counts on such grants for more than $7 billion per year.

The mayors of the three cities, as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, weren’t amused.

Cuomo said:

“The president can’t supersede the law and say I’m going to make those funds basically discretionary funds, which is what he would have to do.  If they actually do this, we will challenge it legally, and they will lose once again.”

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said:

“We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance. It is my hope that the cities identified by the Department of Justice today will reverse course and become serious about performing the basic function of government and start protecting their own citizens.”

The mayors and governor are likely correct in that the Trump administration can’t change the qualifications for federal grants, that happens in Congress. But it all makes for interesting political theater and gives the administration the chance to call the cities anarchist jurisdictions on television over and over.

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Comments (2)

  1. Herbert Broughton Jr

    I believe it’s not only within the potus’s power but his duty to take such action(s) when the local and state officials elected to provide such safety and security measures such as police, fire, and medical services within cities such as portland, and New York clearly abdicated to the criminal element under the blm umbrella. I believe these idiotic politicians, really believed that they could somehow become part of this madness by this small group of morons that although they appear to be impressive by the way the media portrays them, if you pay attention, whenever the police want to shut them down, THEY CAN! These politicians ARE going to pay for the deaths and destructions they have allowed under their watch, along with all these little anarchists. Long live the USA and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

    • Ann

      You are exactly right. I have read the parts of the constitution where the rights and obligations you mention are written. As for the umbrella of protection for BLM crying racism every time they get caught, well many of us have worked in large corporations and are extremely familiar with that ploy, and know it does not work if you are in fact commiting crimes. All that is needed is a smart lawyer. AG Barr seems to be just that.

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