Two Parties ‘Miles Apart’ on Next Relief Package; Both Seem Tone Deaf

It’s almost as if they aren’t worried about their constituents at all.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday said Democrats and the Trump administration aren’t even close when it comes to reaching an agreement on the next economic aid package.

Pelosi said:

“We’re miles apart. It’s a chasm … but as a practical matter, they’re going to have to come to the table.”

Hmm. Her Republican counterparts might not see it that way. Pelosi & Company passed a $3.5 trillion House bill in May, while the Senate Republicans passed a $1 trillion measure in late July. Neither side seems willing to budge very much, and a number of Republicans aren’t sure they want another deal at all.

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow said that the economy appears to be recovering on its own and doesn’t need a big stimulus package, just targeted money.

Meanwhile, President Trump issued executive orders to restart federal unemployment bonus checks, continue the moratorium on foreclosures, and even cut the payroll tax. Some of the moves are legally questionable, but it will take a bold Democrat to sue to stop money going into the pockets of the unemployed and workers.

With both Houses in recess, not much is likely to happen before September.

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Comments (4)

  1. Richard Hennessy

    This is good news. If they can’t reach agreement, another bloated spending bill won’t be approved. Enough has probably already been done for virus relief, and more spending will retard the economic recovery. What is needed now is to get people back to work and to restaurants and shopping, and President Trump’s Executive Order provides the incentive to get people back to work. Democrats, who believe the need is to give out more money (buy more votes with our money), don’t care about our citizens as evidenced by their refusal to accept the spending the Republicans have offered and pass a bill. Republicans are trying to cooperate to get something passed, but fortunately have seemed to finally grow a backbone and won’t simply give away the store.

    • Harold Thompson

      If the Dem. leave out the pork additions out of the package they might get a agreement. But I feel that only want to help the cities of there party and not the nation.

  2. Anthony Cozzucoli

    Lets vote via your bank account!!

  3. Pete

    Even with no “stimulus”, the economy is recovering and once again Pelosi and company will be left with an empty bag of useless wish lists for spending unrelated to the virus!

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