Democrats Largely Support Protests, But Not So Sure About Demands to De-fund Police

With more than 75% of Americans and super-majorities in both parties calling for the officers involved in George Floyd’s death to be charged, the immediate cause of the current protests haven’t been divided along party lines, but Democrats have definitely been the stronger supporters.

Apparently, that support stops somewhere short of gutting police departments or de-funding them to move funds to social programs.

Senator Cory Booker said he understood the sentiment behind the “defund the police” push, but would not use that phrase.

He said:

“We are over-policed as a society.”

Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries of New York said:

“You have to look at that on a case-by-case basis.”

Maybe they started getting calls from powerful police unions, who wouldn’t look favorably on government officials who cut off some of their funds.

Democrats are expected to introduce legislation on Monday to combat police violence and racial injustice, including making it easier to sue officers who kill. The bill might include changes to how police departments are funded.

One voice was clear. Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota called for the Minneapolis police department to be disbanded, tweeting that it was “beyond reform.”

Any change in funding for police seems likely to hurt the very people who need the most help, those who live in poor and dangerous neighborhoods.

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Comments (2)

  1. buckwheat

    Just who do these idiot Democrats expect to protect their cities. It is amazing that most of the problems are in cities and states that are controlled by these idiot Democrats.

  2. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

    Hey, I can see maybe teaching the new recruits about how to handle an incident of a racial matter. That may not work on older cops. The older police have been on the streets and have seen too many things that a mere person should never see. So as time goes by, they harden themselves to be able to put up with seeing death on a daily basis; heads blown off and brain matter all over the place. Then after handling that, they have to go to a house to tell the family that their loved one got shot. It makes them hard, especially when their patrol area is in the area where gangs patrol blocks or corners. Try to muscle in on someone’s block, and you are a dead man. Wear the wrong color cap or handkerchief and your gang colors makes another gang mad and fights brchyegin and people are stabbed and people are shot and killed. That is who they want to patrol their neighborhoods. Something like in the Middle East, like Hamas or Hizbullah. Dangerous groups armed to the teeth and ready to defend thier “People”.
    I don’t know, now everyone gets involved. People will buy guns to protect their families and property. Anyone trying to hurt one of their family members and they will ‘shoot first and ask questions later’. It will just not be a place of democracy, it will be anarchy, the strongest group will rule.
    I pray that God will send His Son to gather all who believe in Him and take them to a place of peace, HEAVEN. If you don’t believe, when all of this comes true, you will be stuck here until the end of Armageddon. Think about it. Think about it hard.

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