Democratic Front Runners: Warren, Biden… Clinton?

Rumors are starting to fly that Hillary Clinton is considering jumping into the race.  The forecasting website PredictIt gives the former Senator and Secretary of State a 14% chance of entering the nomination race and becoming the nominee, which is behind only Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Clinton’s chances improved after Bernie Sanders took time off the campaign trail following a heart attack. Her high standing puts her well ahead of well-known candidates such as Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Pete Buttigieg.

But there’s a problem with Clinton. She’s already faced Donald Trump and lost the electoral college, even though she won the popular vote.

It was just seven short months ago (March 5), that Democrats seemed relieved when Clinton announced she wouldn’t run again.

There is one person who’s certain she’s about to throw her hat in the ring: Steve Bannon.

In an interview with Media-ite, Bannon said:

“Hillary Clinton is doing a whole thing.  A meeting this week for a book, she said he’s an illegal president, illegitimate president, he’s a clear and present danger.  The Chinese Communist Party is not a clear and present danger. Donald Trump is a clear and present danger.  She’s just throwing to decide how to fit her way in.”



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