Democratic Front Runners: Warren, Biden… Clinton?

Hillary... again?

Rumors are starting to fly that Hillary Clinton is considering jumping into the race.  The forecasting website PredictIt gives the former Senator and Secretary of State a 14% chance of entering the nomination race and becoming the nominee, which is behind only Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Clinton’s chances improved after Bernie Sanders took time off the campaign trail following a heart attack. Her high standing puts her well ahead of well-known candidates such as Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Pete Buttigieg.

But there’s a problem with Clinton. She’s already faced Donald Trump and lost the electoral college, even though she won the popular vote.

It was just seven short months ago (March 5), that Democrats seemed relieved when Clinton announced she wouldn’t run again.

There is one person who’s certain she’s about to throw her hat in the ring: Steve Bannon.

In an interview with Media-ite, Bannon said:

“Hillary Clinton is doing a whole thing.  A meeting this week for a book, she said he’s an illegal president, illegitimate president, he’s a clear and present danger.  The Chinese Communist Party is not a clear and present danger. Donald Trump is a clear and present danger.  She’s just throwing to decide how to fit her way in.”




  1. Hilary Clinton is a Pure Disgrace to this Great Nation. She was Already Embaresed One Time Already. She Needs to Stay Out of this Race. She Needs to be Put in Jail.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hey, Donald! Get a life! If you trust her, believe her, like her, you need a frontal lobotomy! she enjoys making a total ass out of herself, and wins at it every time!! I hope she runs…off a cliff, and do every one a big favor! SHE IS A MURDERER and a TRAITOR! You’re the one who’s WRONG!

    • It is a fact that the opponent always points the finger of doing what they are doing. When you see and hear the Democrats blaming Trump on miss deeds, it is THEY who are doing THAT miss deed. Her words are describing Obama, there is no doubt.

  2. Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Her (one among many) crime of destroying federal records in violation of USC Title 18, Section 1519, rendered her ineligible to run for federal office, including the presidency. And each count offered a sentence of 20 years in prison. She has at least 33,000 counts against her. Clinton’s abuse of classified information handling resulted in the deaths of countless undercover U.S. agents worldwide. Yet MSM covers her corrupt posterior at every turn. And this is the tip of the iceberg of her vast array of crimes. How did she manage to pull off the murder of Seth Rich? Why does she not answer for the deaths of Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, whom she refused to help, because she wanted them dead? How does she not answer for Uranium One, where she permitted the sale of 20 percent of US strategic uranium resources in exchange for $146 million donation from Russia to her “foundation?” Anyone that votes for this raw sewage is as much a traitor as this hideous hag.

  3. Why not! What’s one more Lying SOB in the incompetent, satanic circus of Demoncrapic Clowns.I hope she wins the nomination. I can’t wait to watch Trump kick her fat ass again. This would be well worth the price of admission. A better comedic sitcom circus since Bill Clinton’s Hot Honeymoon Video “As the stomach Turns”!

  4. She was rejected by her party the first time. She was rejected by the voting system the second time. She is guilty of major violations of federal law, security protocols and is very lucky she is not in jail. She is old, nasty, egotistical, a narcissist to the even worse than Trump, wheels and deals the Clinton Foundation and is rumored to have made deals prior to the last election with anyone who would stuff money in the Clinton Foundation. She is not trustworthy, and hates the Military. She did nothing while SOS except violate laws, and as Senator of NY sponsored only one small non-important bill. What makes her or even America think she is even worthy of such a position of the USA…..because its her turn. Give me a break. I am a deplorable.

  5. WHY isn’t Hillary in PRISON yet? For 45 THOUSAND years, no less?!? Isn’t there anything called JUSTICE in this land? When we say “Land of the FREE”, that DIDN’T mean for CRIMINALS and TRAITORS, which should be LOCKED UP! How would she be able to run (RUIN) the country? From a PRISON cell? And don’t forget the OTHER TRAITORS as well (Comey, Brennan,etc.). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KEEP America Great Again).

  6. none of these loser’s will EVER become PRESIDENT”” Trump will get another 4 years ”’the true AMERICAN people will make sure that happens”our country is doing great with him””all the dem’s are doing is NOTHING”””””””’but spending our hard earned money trying to destroy the PRESIDENT””nothing else is getting done for our country”’and it’s sad and disgusting”’

  7. Avenging angel or power-mad dominatrix? Let’s hope we don’t have to decide, but the signs seem to be pointing toward this very disagreeable woman believing she has ‘all the right stuff’ for America to crown her empress of the universe/POTUS. If successful, she can provide the necessary legal and P.R. cover for Biden, Comey and all the other people committing questionable acts against the American people and government.

    Still, one must hand it to our gal Hillary; she is truly the unsinkable Molly Brown.

    However, plenty of the current crop of Democrat Presidential candidates will be collectively more annoyed than Bernie and his people in 2016, as she managed to use subterfuge and raw power to secure the Democrat nomination.

    Her sore loser status has not endeared her to the average American since 2016. Quite the opposite holds true.

  8. Hillary, no matter how bad a candidate she is, will be a better candidate than Biden, Warren and all of the other kooks on the Demo side.

  9. no way should Hillary be allowed to run for President. She committed many lies and actions counter to the security of our nation. She is an embarrassment to our nation and America does not need a president who has lied, cheated and attempted to buy an election as she did in 2016. Fox poll shows figures favor impeachment. However poll on Newsmax shows 75% do not support impeachment (22,506) and 25% do support impeachment (7,122). IO do not feel the FOx poll is accurate.

  10. Are all the demonrats retarded I know their brain is in the toilet and is flushed down to the sewer with what ever they have left but every time I hear of another one of their crazy ideas I want to heave they are all so sick in their heads. Are any of them an American I find that so hard to believe not ONE of them want to do anything to help Americans just give more benefits to illegals sad bunch of pos

  11. I was a Democrat for many years until I voted for President Trump. Why you may ask? The Democrats have done nothing to improve our roads, bridges which would have hired thousands. They spent the last three years attacking a President instead of the aforementioned. They have caused destruction of our media that one can no longer believe what they say. It is time for the voters of this country to challenge them. Either do something for the people and stop this disgusting attacks or vote them out of office.

  12. Why not. Hillary fits right in with the crooked garbage already up there. And if she can win she can appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court. That should tie everything down for the @#@#$##!!!.

  13. Hillary Clinton makes Al Capone look like the tooth fairy !!!!!! If that’s the best the Democratic party can come up with, God help us !! The American people deserve a leader who loves this country and loves what we stand for. Anyone that could steal from the White House upon her departure surely doesn’t need to return for another ransacking of that hallowed ground. She’s an embarrassment to this country. She’s been after the presidency since she first looked the other way when her husband stalked
    women because she was using him for a stepping stone and since 2008, it’s been obvious. She just can’t get the message.

  14. Poor old, dishonest, pudgy Hillary – a legend only in her own mind. Long before most people are her age, they’ve learned that smart people go home gracefully when the party’s over. Have to admit, tho, that her comment the other day about why she lost the election — showing what a fun person she was to the public and not appearing serious enough — was the best laugh I’ve had in many a day.

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