Democratic Candidate Biden Picks AOC to Co-Chair Climate Change Task Force

Stop driving cars, end jet travel, and stay at home. It looks like COVID-19 has achieved much of what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wanted to achieve with her $10 trillion to $30 trillion Green New Deal (GND), and closed Disney and professional sports to boot. There’s that little part about crushing the economy and putting 30 million Americans out of work to get there, but that’s a detail in a big picture conversation.

Now she has a chance to codify at part of the Democratic platform much of what she outlined in her GND, because candidate Joe Biden just named AOC as the Co-Chair of the Climate Change Task Force, which will operate under the Unity Task Forces.

Discussing his appointments, which included Bernie Sanders, Biden said:

“Building upon the work of the Democratic campaigns to date, the ultimate goal of the Unity Task Forces is to develop the most successful possible agenda for Democrats in 2020.”

It’s unclear how putting a person front and center who proposed plans that will cost trillions and put people out of work will be unifying, but again, that’s a detail.

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Comments (3)

  1. Ronald Van Beneden

    Climate chance like it is now is a great lie. Scientific it is the SUN. All the rest is manipulating people with a hoax. CO 2 is the second most important gas in the thermosphere to cool the earth. It is necessary for plant growth and cooling the earth.
    The only thing the GREEN movement is doing is faster killing live on earth.

  2. Walkin O'Shea

    I noticed that Biden chose AOC as co-chair. Even he’s smart enough to realize she couldn’t handle the job as full chair. Biden’s been a little bit cagey with AOC. He realizes she’s not going anywhere soon, and he know’s she’s going to be a pain in the pitute, so he’s decided that if he throws her a bone she’ll keep her mouth shut, for a short time anyway, until she snaps again. Also Joe sees the writing on the wall and knows that the young people are enamored with climate change and the green deal…so he’s riding that wave as well. It’s all a house of cards of course, but the ignorant will be taken in by it.

  3. Jack

    The IDIOT picks another IDIOT tell me some why we should be suprised?

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