Presidential Hopeful Harris Offers Six Months of Paid Family Leave

Vying for the votes of women and Millennials, Democratic Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris said she would provide Americans with up to six months of paid family leave to bond with a new child or to take care of other personal or family medical issues, her campaign said on Monday.

Her proposal is part of her “Children’s Agenda,” which she intends to release today in Iowa.

Currently, U.S. workers can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for new babies or sick family members.  Harris’ plan would extend that by 12 weeks and provide pay.  In addition to caring for children, grandparents, parents, siblings, and in-laws, Harris’ plan also includes care for “chosen family,” which means people considered family even if not related by blood or marriage.

The plan is funded by payroll contributions from both employers and employees, as well as fines levied on companies who have disparate pay policies across gender or race lines.  If necessary, the program would also get funds from a tax on top earners and corporations.

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