Democrat Booker: Low-Income Americans Can Age at Home

Not to be outdone by proposals for Medicare-for-all, free college, cheap housing, free childcare, and a revolution in energy under the Green New Deal, Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) will offer a plan allowing low-income Americans to die at home.

His proposal calls for providing long-term care insurance for low- and middle-income people so they can choose to grow old in their homes. The insurance would pay for the expensive part of the process, in-home caregivers.

In a statement, Booker said:

“In one of the richest nations in the world, no person should ever go broke or have to quit their job to afford long-term care or to take care of a loved one.”

Booker said his plan would ensure that all low- and middle-income seniors and people with disabilities would have access to services through Medicaid, a federal and state program to assist low-income Americans.

While his proposal is a bit different than those presented by other candidates, Booker goes to the same well when looking for ways to pay for it.  His plan would change the tax code, including reforming the capital gains, estate and income tax provisions of the code.

For anyone trying to keep score, those are the same ways that other candidates say they will use to pay for their programs.

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