Defund the Police? Not So Fast… Americans Are Backing Away from the Idea

In early June, 27% of Americans supported draining money from police forces and using the cash to bolster community outreach programs, while 59% of Americans didn’t like the idea. Now, after more than 50 days of constant protests in cities from Atlanta to Portland, more Americans are moving away from shrinking police forces.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows just 23% of Americans are on board with pulling money from local law enforcement, while the number opposes has risen to 66%. The number opposed is very close to the percentage who think crime will increase if police funding is cut, 61%.

Amazingly, 12% think crime will fall if police forces lose funding.

While there were some differences among ethnic groups and along party lines, overall every group thought defunding the police was a bad idea.

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Comments (1)

  1. Roger D. Stone Sr.

    How could anybody in their right mind think we should defund the Police? We need Police for many different things. What if a person has an accident. Who is going to do the investigation, so your insurance Company will make a payout? The Police do get a little out of hand sometimes! But, just think, they are human too. A little courtesy can go a long way sometimes. We don’t live under a totalatarion Government yet thankfully!!!

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