Hmm… Danish Study Shows Limited Value of Wearing Mask, If Any

A Danish study that included more than 6,000 people found that wearing a mask provided only limited protection against COVID-19 infection.  The authors didn’t suggest that people not wear masks, but said they couldn’t rule out that masks don’t provide any protection, either.

After one month of a one group wearing masks and the others not, 1.8% of the mask wearers were infected whereas 2.1% of those not wearing masks tested positive.

A press release from the Copenhagen University Hospital said:

“The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks.  The results could indicate a more moderate degree of protection of 15-20%, however, the study could not rule out that face masks do not provide any protection.”

The findings aren’t that surprising as health professionals have long said that wearing a mask does little to protect the wearer, but can provide a little protection from the mask wearer infecting others.


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Comments (6)

  1. Chris


  2. Richard Kunze

    The idea that a microscopic bacterial virus can be controlled with a piece of cloth (that most people don’t even place over their nose) is STUPID. Masks are and were just being used as a political reminder of turmoil to try to get voters to respond to dementia joe!

  3. Richard Kunze

    So, my comment is being censored?

  4. John W Dendy

    I don’t wear a mask. Since the beginning, I have worn one 3 times for a total of 2 hours Now certain stores require you to so I will honor their rules until I leave the store, which is usually pretty quickly.

  5. Jerry Hyde

    Actually, the Danish study does NOT allow their conclusion that follows. if 1.8 % of the people wearing masks were tested positive for COVID and 2.1% of the people NOT wearing masks tested positive for COVID then the difference attributable to the mask would be only
    0.30 % for the additional protection provided by the mask and NOT 15-20 % additional as suggested by the study.
    This makes the COVID thing a “PANDEMIC=>”PLANDEMIC=>”SCAMDEMIC”.
    This means that this study has proven that, if COVID actually exists (and that has yet to be proven as their is no working test that does so) it is little more dangerous that a seasonal flu.
    A special thanks to Elon Musk for reinforcing that the test is bogus. HE had himself tested 4 times in the same day in the same location using the same test conducted by the same nurse; he test positive for 2 of the tests and negative for two of the tests showing that the test results were unreliable for COVID determination.
    This essentially this test is useless for the use to which it is being applied. my understanding is that the developer of the test had openly stated that his test cannot be used in the manner it is being used.
    As I said …a “SCAMDEMIC”!

  6. Gary Sugarman

    N95 mask labels say they are not effective in protecting wearer from asbestos, which has larger size particles than the Wuhan virus. Many scientists/doctors have discussed the detriments of wearing a mask — oxygen deprivation/hypoxia, which can cause many problems in the brain and respiratory system, including inflammation; mouth bacteria being inhaled instead of released by exhaling, with the bacteria going up into the sinuses and brain, along with the dental problems this will cause.

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