Dancing On Rush Limbaugh’s Grave & Chicago May Take Down Abraham Lincoln Statue

Today, we’re talking about how lefties on social media have been cheering the death of conservative icon and broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, who died Wednesday at age 70 from lung cancer.

Meanwhile, Chicago is exploring the possibility of removing 41 statues in the city, including former presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and U.S. Grant. Will taking the statues down help heal our national divide?

Elsewhere, Baltimore activists suggest paying people to not shoot each other and Facebook blacks out news stories in Australia following a new law requiring Big Tech companies to compensate news companies.

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Comments (40)

  1. Don Johnson

    I think that since the Democrats have gotten away with this election farce this country is in dire straits. They’ve quit teaching American history in schools, they’ve switched to communist propaganda, they ate trying to take over when or where you can attend church, school, meetings, voting, even marry. I cant believe what is happening to our country/world.

  2. john

    He was absolutely the best of the worst radio broadcasters.

  3. Mark

    Rush was the king of conservative talk radio & he was a Godly & great man. He will be missed & never be replaced, a very smart man & was always giving us the real facts, thank Rush, for all of you putting him down in a horrible way & telling us your happy he’s gone, you are very cruel people, just remember you will be judged by God as all of us will, find God & repent or you will be the ones in hell & that will be nothing but misery & pain, do you really want for you? I don’t want that for you, Jesus loves EVERYONE & wants all with him.

  4. Teresa

    I think Chicago is City of such corruption from GANGS, drug cartels and sex trafficking. Because all 3 are big money makers, the Mayor/Governor Won’t do anything about it. Money talks and buys leverage!

  5. Richard Perry

    these people are sick

  6. Richard Helus

    This is outrageous and should be stopped. Taking these down will not do anything but divide the Country not bring Country together

  7. Joseph Miller

    I wonder how so many people can be so cruel to each other . Time will come when ever knee show bow claiming that Jesus is Lord of Lords King of Kings . Hatred makes people ugly which brings killings and so much more to all countries of the world. Wouldn’t it be great that we could all live in happiness and love.

  8. Carolyn

    My grand mom all always told me ” IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE THEN YOU SOULDN’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!”

  9. Melanie

    God Bless ISRAEL, RUSH LIMBAUGH and PRES TRUMP/his family/his supporters and ALL in the USA/other countries!🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 I am a Christian WHO tries NOT to be HYPROCRITICAL in HYPROCRITICAL society!!🙏🏻💒🙏🏻🌹 However, WHEN I hear HOW stupid MANY people ( mainly Internet) are BEING in regards to an AWESOME human being, LIKE PRES TRUMP/FRANKLIN GRAHAM/RABBI ECKSTEIN/YAEL ECKSTEIN, I TRULY get SO UPSET!🙏🏻😡🙏🏻 Pls DONT worry, I’m NOT violent person! Praise God, I CAN calm down in FEW MINUTES!🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🕊👼🏼🙏🏻 I JUST want to say RUSH LIMBAUGH was WONDERFUL human being, again like Pres Trump! My PRAYERS, condolences and thoughts GO OUT to his wife/family!🙏🏻😢🙏🏻All PEOPLE, especially “Christians”, SHOULD be doing the same thing NOT NOT NOT tearing a persons character down! God WILL always Bless RUSH LIMBAUGH and ALL who know him! All people/”haters” PLEASE remember Scriptures Jeremiah 29:13 ” keep God first” and Psalm 37:1 ” do not fret about EVILDOERS, they WILL SOON with/be cut down like the grass”!🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻👼🏼💒💙I appreciate ALL for listening! Love and prayers to ALL!🙏🏻❤️😃👼🏼🕊🙏🏻🇺🇸

  10. Frank

    pleasant to listen to

  11. Thomas Kuhn Sr

    As far as the dumdass, immature so called “celebrities” go, who cares what those lifewise untalented, politically stupid socialist marxists have to say. Their comments will take you nowhere but to the little world insecure world that nobody wants to go to. It’s in California, now one of the toilets of the U.S. that smart people are moving out of.
    Don’t get me wrong; there are still REAL celebrities that have brains enough to know who the patriotic people (political & citizens, both intellectual) really are. They need to move to a state where they can be appreciated instead of associated with their moronic counterparts. Let’s stick together on the same path to keep America great, like President Trump was doing.

  12. Dee O'Meara

    Democrats need to stop this insanity. First, acting inhuman about Rush’s death is just sick and disgusting. May God have mercy you even if you don’t deserve it. Second, your ignorance of thinking that destroying statues does anything, shows how immature and idiotic you truly are. You can’t change the past no matter how You try. Stop showing our children how to be evil and ignorant. Grow up and get over the past. Your parents did. May God bless your heart and remove the pain and hate. A-men!
    Remember we’re all
    AMERICANS and that should mean something.

  13. Lee

    That just goes to show you how Stupid!!!! All those Yankee stupid Democruts are. They are the ones that will burn in Hell.

  14. Junior Garber

    I think during the height of the Cold War, it was Nakita Khrushchev that said he would bury us, not with weapons, but with policy (meaning political BS). I think we scoffed at that remark, but today it seems he meant what he said. It never ceases to amaze me how Americans are so easily hoodwinked by those that would destroy us, and how the divisions within our country are bringing about the burial that he was talking about. I think it was Patrick Henry that said, “Those that would sacrifice some freedom for a bit of peace, deserve neither”. Ole Pat knew that freedom is a very expensive commodity, paid for not with cash, but with the blood of the best of us, our youth. It is so saddening that there are so many today that would tear down the statues of our Founding Fathers and desecrate our history.
    Yes, America is not perfect, but in our quest for perfection we have made mistakes, and we will in the future. We will because mankind has never before tried to bring about the kind of individual freedom that we strive for today. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness——“. Perhaps we have not achieved this goal because too many negate the line about where our rights come from, not from men or governments, but from our Creator.
    There were fifty-six men that were brave enough to affix their name to the Declaration of Independence, who would have been executed if the revolution failed. Are there men of that courage in Congress today?

  15. Luz Delgado

    Just to say; Where is the President Biden Unity cackling? YOUR FLOKS ARE IGNORING YOU. Well, not ignoring because you did not say anything.

  16. Alice F Workman

    I think it is disgusting that you are celebrating Rush’s death with the democrat’s!!!! You are not very funny!! Just because you don’t respect a good man’s personal opinions. I am an 80 year old woman who thought living in America meant you honor each of us NOT our politics!! We are all entitled to our opinions except when you make fun of a good person’s death. Remember we all have to face our GOD & be judged upon our time on earth & the things we say or do while we are here!!!!

  17. Paul Dailer

    He was a great radio host and I believe he is in heaven. They should make this a legal holiday.

  18. John Galt

    I have to keep reminding myself that there is a light at the end of this tunnel that we are in.

  19. Michael Johnson

    Dems call for unity and kindness…. they sure show it. Regardless of your personal feelings, Rush was an icon and single handedly saved AM radio and help keep FM from tanking. He was a patriot , and a truth seeker. People tend to dislike what they cant compete with. He was 95% on target and had such a smart way of exposing the democratic party. I call their hatred for Rush the “BITCH” syndrome…. you know the type… when they liked a girl and she wanted nothing to do with them… they would say..THAT BITCH ! True colors showing .

  20. Rex Whitmer

    This foolishness of taking down statues tells us that the USA is no longer great! Because we are no longer great, we do not honor greatness! Persons brought up as I was no longer feel any pride of being an American when we look at the ignorance of our on coming generations! They have no objective of being special or desire to become special for anything outstanding and righteous. A large portion are not proud of their parentage or even know of it! We have a bumper crop of persons wishing to go to college and thus gain a higher pay check, but drop out is extensive! A small percentage take advancement as desirable! Others go to work, but do only the very small limit required keep the job! A large portion take on debt with no idea of how they will repay it. Others have children with no understanding of how they’ll have to pay for them. America, over the eighty odd years of my life are no longer responsible which was a sign of morality in my dayT

  21. Patricia Neumann

    Those people that said all that will probably be in hell along with those that rejoiced that Rush will probably be in heaven!

  22. Howard Dimond

    Life is too short to hate anybody. Look for the good in each of us. It’s the path to a happier life. Cheers

  23. Joe schmoe

    This guy is a hateful man

  24. John L Montoya

    The whole issue goes to a basic idea. To change our culture, society, ways of thinking, and government, you must first demonize and destroy what forms the foundation of our Government, culture, society, and ways of thinking. They need to demonize our history and rewrite it. They have to destroy the constitution because that is the basis of our laws and government. It gives us our basic rights. They need to attack religion because their humanistic culture is threatened by it. They need to attack our financial institutions because those are part of the structure of our country, – it makes it more difficult to take and redistribute wealth. They demonize anyone who does not think like they do – the whole purpose of allowing the riots in Washington were so they could tie all conservatives to a few who acted lawlessly. It wasnt a true insurrection as few weapons were seized – they were not trying to eliminate the government in power (they were actually trying to save it.) They need to lie in media because they no longer have journalistic integrity and are basically producing propaganda any longer,…. For years, the left has incrementally attacked every part of our society, and since they were able to do it so successfully recently they have doubled down and now are attacking every single person who cast a vote for conservatism.
    I honestly believe that the democrats in higher office have all violated their oaths of office especially to “protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,…” They have undermined it over the years repeatedly – they are the domestic enemies our founding fathers spoke of,…. they are the true enemy unfortunately. They are not Patriots, they do not believe in the rule of law, or the Constitution, and they do not believe in our Constitutional rights. They fight for more rights of non citizens than those who are citizens. The only time they use the law and constitution is when they abuse it – they ignore it unless it suits their needs. They have no compassion, they do not care one bit about any individuals and wholeheartedly believe in that mantra “By any means necessary!” They only care about consolidating their power and following their own agendas. They have weaponized and politicized too many government agencies that should be unbiased and non political – it is all political now, totally biased, and is used as a cudgel against whomever they view as a threat,… that includes people like Rush Limbaugh, and past icons like Washington and Lincoln.
    I have found the least tolerant people are liberals, leftists, socialists, and democrats – you have to think like they do, to them compromise is you giving up everything and doing exactly as they want,… or they call you names and cancel you out.
    This is only the beginning,… they will cancel everyone who becomes a threat to their power, ideology, and beliefs.

  25. Ernie Mink

    The socialist/communist/nazi left is evil!

  26. Michael J Lewinski

    Rush returned his talent to God!

  27. Mick Addington

    Rush was a good person. He had the right to say what he wanted, What if jumped all over that Harris woman? Biden ?

  28. Tammy L Duncan

    I can not believe all those a-holes! Not one of them knew Rush what so ever! He was a good man and exposed all the DEMS for what they really are! That is what bothers them the most but I will not lower myself to there level to say one word about what I think of them, waste of my time! He will be very much missed. been listening to him for a long long time, along with millions of others. If he was such a devil, I wonder why he had so many followers? put that in your rich as pipes and smoke it.

  29. Dennis Sullivan

    Rush Limbaugh loved America and thought it to be the greatest nation on earth and in history.

    You can tell a lot concerning the character of those who hated Rush so. He openly professed faith in Jesus Christ without shame. Therefore, we know why so many hated him and were willing to express it after his death. He did not claim to be perfect if you knew him well. Those who know Christ and have knowledge from Scripture know how things are to conclude. We despise your hate but love you in Christ, hoping that you also will come to peace in Him.

    The hate exhibited by those toward a man who so loved America and Jesus Christ speaks volumes.

  30. Woodie thompson

    Celebrating anyone’s death shines a light in to your. Dark soul. May some of the prayers for the deceased land on you

  31. Letha

    No it will not heal our country . it will cause more divide than ever before. How stupit does the left think people are. You can not erase our history no matter how hard you try. And taking down statues is a slap in every Americans face .

  32. Kel

    Of course they are happy Rush is gone. He exposed the lies of the democratic Devil spawns 👿 over the years! They did not like it he has a huge following.

  33. Dave L Harnden

    If the liberals want to start a civil war, I can’t think of a better way for them to hurry it along than to destroy the statues that remind us of our history.

    SF School Board should remove Feinstein. She doesn’t belong in the company of Washington and Lincoln!

  34. Billy Wilson

    The left wants to rewrite history inn only their thinking, no history other than what they say. Enough of their bull.

  35. William Wernisch

    The libtards and democratic socialists (Biden administration) are destroying this country. They MUST BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE and the party totally eliminated. They are socialists and totally hate America and everything about it.

  36. owl

    Lincoln washington statues Best to equal things how’s about MLKs statue-coming down

  37. DD

    In regards to Rush Limbaugh – When people die, they cannot defend themselves, so let them be!!! These people are crude & rude, unheard of behavior to dead people’ grave. Some people do not respect themselves so they do not know how to live and let live; suggest whoever they are to get a life, get a job, volunteer, stop expecting the government/tax payers take care of you, at 18 you take care of you. Pay your own way as we had to regardless. Leave the helpless and dead alone!!!

  38. Karen Frasene

    If they think disrespecting Rush Limbaugh by dancing on his grave is anything but criminal they are wrong . Taking down the statues of those presidents are going to heal anything WRONG !! IT WILL CHANGE NOTHING , THEY ARE A PART OF AMERICAN HISTORY ..GET A FUC ING LIFE.

  39. Mick Addington

    No one cares what these Lefties think. Please don’t put this offensive crap where I can read it…

  40. Don Zeier

    There will never be a bipartisan effort when the damnocrats are doing everything they can to divide our country further. What is needed so that we can expect them to get anything done is term limits on EVERYONE, including the Supreme Court!

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