Arizonans Tubing Salt River in Droves… Without Masks

To be fair, tubing with a mask sounds both uncomfortable and impractical. But that’s not really the point. With 40,000 new COVID-19 cases a day, and Arizona becoming a new hot spot for the disease, this seems like a really bad idea.

Even with the temperature rising over 100 degrees, people are questioning the logic of thousands of young Arizonans who took to the Salt River east of Phoenix to float for a bit while drinking beer and generally hanging out. Social distancing wasn’t exactly a priority, either.

Neighboring Texas already shut down tubing across the state, and Florida closed some beaches as we head into the Fourth of July week.

As for Arizona, COVID-19 cases are up 250% so far in June, and are setting daily records. And it just takes a super spreader or two to make things go from bad to horrible.

One bar in East Lansing, Michigan has been linked to more than 76 cases, according to the Ingham County Health Department.

Politicians are once again canceling live events, so maybe not every outcome is bad, but still, the number of coronavirus cases is going the wrong direction.

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