Could Kamala Harris’ Birthright Citizenship be Under Review?

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Comments (7)

  1. Janet Rogers

    But was is a Natural Born Citizen? I did a lot of research during the 2008 election concerning Natural Born Citizen. I dare say much more than the detractors here. In 1875, the Supreme Court defined Natural Born as requiring BOTH parents to be US Citizens at the time of birth. This is from the Minor case of that year.

  2. Marc Goldstone

    Elmer Vattel in his definite text “The Laws of Nations” in section 212, that the founding fathers used in drafting and debating the Constitution, defined “Natural Born Citizen” as born of TWO Citizen parents. Not one or none, and not based on their immigration status when the child became 16 years of age or any other contrivance to change the Constitution absent a constitutional amendment.

  3. Janet Rogers

    According to Jamaica Law, if you have a child born in another country, that child is Jamaican.

  4. Julian

    Harris parents weren’t US Citizens at the time so is not a full citizen. The founders wanted the president to not have a link to a foreign power. At the time the constitution was written, the founders did not want people linked to the king of England who could influence our affairs.

  5. grinnie

    Unfortunately they didn’t vet the last illegal President, so that door has been opened unless someone has the cajones to take it thru the courts. Looks like laws aren’t really meant to be followed anymore. Especially for Democrats.

  6. Pat

    That didn’t stop democrats from getting Obama elected. They just covered it up and made fake documents. The one person who had the real documents on Obama suddenly was killed on a plane. So you know what links they will go to cover up everything. I am a firm believer that officials in high places must be American born. Just look at Omar in power she wants to destroy America along with the rest of the gang. We need to stop allowing other countries from taking over America.

  7. Jack English

    Imagine you had a black baby in Kenya. You’re a citizen, so he is automatically a US citizen. But wait it’s 1961 when blacks are hardly allowed to vote in Southern states, but you think you black baby might run for the Presidency. So you call people in Hawaii newspapers and birth records to record the birth. So he can be President! That’s the only advantage of being born here. Does this make sense to anyone ,but Birthers?
    It’s hard to believe how ignorant these Birthers are!

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