Coronavirus Vaccine News Sends stocks soaring, Are Social Media Monopolies Under Threat From Parler?

It’s time to Get Informed, America! The weekly show where we break down the most impactful stories of the week, so you can make informed decisions for yourself.

In episode 35 we’re discussing the new coronavirus vaccine sending the markets soaring, Minneapolis votes to defund police but then has to call in outside officers for help among crimewave, and is Parler a legit threat to the social media giants?

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Comments (1)

  1. Steve Ford

    Parler………….a new free speech for all Americans that give a damn. I support and hope Parler paves the way and clean the road to the dust bin of history for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and yes….Fox. Fox has spouted some display of conservatism, yet welded a knife behind their backs waiting for that opportune moment to come out of the liberal closet and expose themselves. By letting Judge Jennie to….they pretty much have done just that. Thank you Parler. You have accomplished in one swipe of your pen that all of elected officials in Congress could not do. Great job….! ! ! ! ! !

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