Coronavirus USA Update: An Interview with Epidemiologist, Dr. Paul Zeitz

Epidemiologist and physician Dr. Paul Zeitz returns to Informed American to chat with Dave about the latest developments on the COVID-19 pandemic. Dave draws from your submitted questions on the major issues we’re fighting right now.

Should we open schools in the fall? How close are we to a vaccine or effective treatments? Do masks even work? What can you do to boost your immunity to COVID-19? Get the answers in this video.

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Comments (1)

  1. Anthony Carrino

    NJ and CT had overwhelming epidemics? Where does this guy get his info? NY had the problems and it was nothing more than poor leadership decision making and garbage science. Problems with starting school? Are you kidding me? 0% mortality rate in age groups under 18 almost same statistics up to 40 years of age. No real scientist with any clue would be advising keeping kids out of school and further impacting herd immunity. Mask wearing research? There is none period! No fomite transmission research to support constant cleaning of services wearing of gloves. It is a joke that medicine has refuted any alternative medicine success and research because they say there are no RCT’s to support the scientific method. Where was the RCT’s as they killed thousands on ventilators, use of wrong drug combinations, leaving elderly in nursing homes susceptible to +Co-vid patients, oh and let’s not forget non frontline MD’s hiding at home and not seeing their patients appropriately when they needed them because they were afraid of getting the virus. The list just keeps growing. What a disgrace. This is just another puppet spreading garbage science and the opinions of the CDC, WHO and the Gates foundation. Want to end the pandemic? Charge the media with treason, arrest all who have perpetuated the lies, fear and sensationalism that has overwhelmed the uninformed susceptible public. There is no solid research on asymptomatic transmission and this argument about we don’t know who is immune compromised, who has cancer etc… is crap. Everyone with these problems knows exactly what is wrong with their health and should take the responsibility of protecting themselves and not destroying the world as we know it because a flu showed up. But, then again, this is what happens when little boys try to weaponize viruses and politicians do their best to cover it up.

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