Conservative Commentator Turns Cancel Culture on Itself, Demands Yale Give Away Endowment

Jesse Kelly is helping the cancel culture, which seeks to eliminate vestiges from our past that it deems morally wrong according to modern mores, turn on itself.

The Conservative commentator took to Twitter, demanding that Rice University remove the statue of its founder, William Rice, because the founder wanted the university to be for “Whites only.”  That’s reprehensible today,  but would not have been uncommon in 1900, the year that Rice died, and 12 years before Rice University was established with his estate.

Kelly tweeted:

FYI: I’m not stopping until justice is done. @RiceUniversity has until next week to remove this statue of racist founder William M. Rice from its campus. Or we will march on Rice. Rice believed that school should be “for whites only”. Not in my America. 


Kelly then demanded that Yale University, which was established by wealthy slave trader Elihu Yale, disburse its $30 billion endowment as reparations.

Kelly tweeted:

Anyone displaying a ‘Yale’ logo in any form is championing the name of a man responsible for this genocide of Black people. Do black lives not matter? Seize Yale’s endowment and redistribute it as reparations. #CancelYale

His tweets are tongue-in-cheek, meant to poke fun at the cancel culture which, if taken to its logical end, must eventually cancel itself.

Kelly might be funny, annoying, or distasteful to people, but he makes a good point.  If we allow people to demand the removal of historical items they find offensive, eventually, everything will be identified as offensive.

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