Congressional Approval Rating Falls Back to 20%, After Reaching 26% in March

The March bump to 26% was only the third time since 2011 that more than 21% of Americans approved of Congress, according to polling firm Gallup.  The latest survey, conducted during the first days of May, show the approval rating falling back to the recent trend of 20%.

Americans are politically split on their Congressional approval, with 25% of Democratic voters viewing Congress favorably, while only 14% of Republicans feel that way.  That’s a big switch from the days before the Democrats took the House in January, when more Republicans than Democrats viewed Congress favorably.  Independent voter approval remains at 22%.

The big jump in March to 26%, with Democratic approval soaring to 32%, came as the tension over the Mueller report reached its zenith.

While the numbers show a decided split by political party, there’s a broader story to be told. At least 75% of all three parties view Congress unfavorably, so why do we re-elect so many incumbents?



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