Company Introduces ‘Meat Patch’ to Help Vegetarians With Cravings

U.K.-based Strong Roots has developed a patch that it claims can help those trying to avoid meat to deal with occasional cravings, but it’s hard to follow their logic. The company’s product is worn on the arm and has scratch-and-sniff properties.  When the wearer feels the urge for a burger or steak, he simply scratches the patch and gets a whiff of bacon or some other meat product.

The company cites research that shows the aroma of food can help reduce the cravings for the items, which seems backward.  According to Strong Roots, smelling bacon is supposed to make you less hungry for bacon, when it appears to have the opposite effect.

It’s hard to see how the product will catch on, but they’re trying.  Strong Roots even has an endorsement from a boxer.

If the scratch-and-sniff patch ends up causing more meat consumption than it stops, the company might pick up an endorsement from a bacon company.

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