Company Estimates Crime By City Block in U.S., Finds 7 of Most Dangerous in California

Forget New York, Detroit, and Chicago. If you really want to avoid crime, stay away from certain parts of L.A. and San Francisco, or at least, that’s what new data company Augurisk suggests.

The firm fed reams of data into a computer algorithm to predict how many crimes would be committed in hundreds of thousands of city blocks throughout the country.

As Forbes reported:

In order to zero in on the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States, Augurisk analyzed its data and issued a report on the riskiest places by looking at Census block groups, a statistical division of tracts that usually contains 600 to 3,000 residents. Augurisk then measured each Census block group by predicting violent crime occurrences and violent crime rate (per 100,000 residents). “The data underlying this crime analysis are taken from the predictions of our proprietary machine learning crime prediction algorithm,” says Augurisk’s lead scientist Simon de Bonviller. “Other contextual factors presented in this article were adapted from the American Community Survey 2014-2018 5-Year estimates.”

The outcome shows that four out of the top ten likely most dangerous city blocks are in Los Angeles, and three are in San Francisco.  The remaining three are in Portland, Oregon, Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. Who knew?

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  1. Lobo VNVmc

    Just pay attention to the national news and the murder rate.

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