European Executives Demand that Companies Listen to Scientists and Set Climate Goals

Shareholders? Who needs them when you’ve got climate scientists ready to weigh in?

Executives in Europe are demanding that companies adhere to the advice of scientists and plan how to reach net-zero emissions in accordance with the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Sean Kidney, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Bonds Initiative, said:

“Governments and companies need to be thinking about what the scientists are telling us. COVID-19 teaches us that.  Look at the mess made in Britain and the United States from not listening to scientists. That is what climate change is shaping up to be and it’s a huge disaster.”

Companies differ in how they approach net-zero carbon targets, including how they measure and mark progress.

Nick Stansbury, head of climate solutions, Legal & General Investment Management, said:

“Setting a 2050 net zero target is easy for a chief executive to do when they know they will be gone by the time it becomes clear whether or not the company has met that target.  For investors, it is key that near returns are demonstrably aligned with net zero targets with well-costed plans on how to get them and clear measures so we can track progress in the near term.”

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Comments (1)

  1. Betty

    The only “scientists” that support the man-made climate crisis are University professors whose grants depend on them toeing the political line. Real scientists, astrophysicists and climatologists have called the whole issue the “biggest scam perpetrated on the world”. They say there is little to nothing man can do to affect global climate. It is controlled by other forces.

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