College Pulse Surveys Students About Free Speech On Top Campuses… See the Best and Worst

Marketing and Research company College Pulse surveyed 19,969 students enrolled in four-year degree programs at 55 colleges and universities across the country, asking 26 questions about their experiences on campus and the attitude on campus toward free speech and expression. The students’ answers were compiled and then their institutions were ranked according to how open they were to speech and expression.

Tops on the list was the Univerity of Chicago. While that’s not surprising given that the university published a mission statement several years ago defending free speech and the civil exchange of ideas, this is the same school where the graduate English department just announced it would only accept students for the next academic year if they were focused on Black studies.

Universities number two through five included:

Kansas State University

Texas A&M University

University of California, Los Angeles

Arizona State University

DePauw University, a private institution, ranked worst among the schools, coming in at #55. The other most restrictive schools included:

Syracuse University

Dartmouth University

Louisiana State University

University of Texas, Austin

The two surprising entries are UCLA among the “freest,” and the University of Texas among the most restrictive. Click here to see the full list.

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Comments (1)

  1. Richard Hennessy

    The University of Texas on the restrictive list is not a surprise. It is the University of Colorado of the state of Texas. It is a very liberal institution and the only speech that is acceptable is that which conforms to the liberal agenda. As a Texas university, it used to be among the more conservative in the Country, but it has transitioned over the last several decades to become much more liberal.

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