City of Portland Oregon Bans Urinals

Say goodbye to the urinals, Portland.

If you’re visiting a city facility in Portland Oregon, there’s one thing you won’t find in the men’s bathroom anymore, urinals.

In a nod to transgender men (women who identify as men) who would be expected to dress as men and use the men’s room, but not have male anatomy, the city is doing away with urinals to make space for more stalls.

As one writer noted, the lack of urinals might be a politically correct nod to an explosion of gender-identity choices, but it will definitely lead to one thing – more urine on toilet seats.

For the pleasure of checking the politically correct men’s room box, the citizens of Portland will foot the renovation bill of $200 million.

We hope it’s worth it.


  1. Potland just fell in the Urinal! This is going too far. How many more rolls of toilet paper going to be used to wipe seats. How big a pile of toilet paper going to be on floors. It is either going to be a terrable mess or hire a lot more maintance personel! Kate Brown will make it state wide next!
    If its Brown Flush it down!

  2. has anyone of Oregon realized, that, urinals for women had been in existence for a very long time . . . Apparently, those of the counsel that voted for this are truly ignorant.

  3. Let’s get real. When one believes he/she resolves a problem, a new problem will be generated, ( that is a given) it is now the question which problem is the worst.
    I believe the health issue is a concern, will require more custodians to keep it clean.
    I guess it doesn’t matter how money is wasted as long as we get the votes.!!!

    • Aside from the cost it will reduce the no. of washrooms because of larger requirements per unit! So be prepared for longer waits! Can you imagine this in an arena, stadium or any other space accommodating very large numbers! Why is this being considered?

  4. If I lived there I would be pissed that I had to pay for this foolish crap. If someone wants to they can use the toilet or go to the restroom where they should be in the 1st place.

  5. The city of Portland has been a whack job for a long time, and this latest demonstration of stupidity puts to rest any notion of change. But the leftist dorks keep voting these bozos into office, so what else can be expected?

  6. Soon, if the politically correct have their way, all girl babies will have a prosthetic penis attached to their little bodies, and all boy babies will have a vagina carved into theirs. Then we will all be alike, right? The gods are laughing.

  7. This will fit nicely with the feces in the streets in Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, LA, Oakland[Waters and Pelosi’s town] and every American hellhole Democrat built and maintained across our golden land without shame.

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