CHOP In Seattle Not Peaceful, Not Dismantled, and Protesters March to Mayor’s House

When you cede a part of your city to protesters and provide them with barricades, bathrooms, and trash pickup, what do you get?

In Seattle, it’s six shootings, one sexual assault, property destruction, and limited access for business owners.

After increased reports of mayhem, Mayor Jenny Durkan decided that it has gone on long enough. She called for protesters to leave the area Sunday morning. It didn’t work. Instead, two more people were shot, marking the fifth and sixth victims of gun violence, early Monday morning, a 16-year-old who later died and a 14-year-old. Mayor Durkan had said the police would return to their precinct in the area, but didn’t give a timeline.

While the protesters didn’t leave the area on Sunday, they did take a day trip. A city councilmember joined a group of them as they marched to the mayor’s home, where they protested outside and made further demands.

The mayor released a long response about working with people and systemic change and other stuff.  She could’ve just offered them more of the city, maybe that would have been enough.

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Comments (11)

  1. JC

    BLM and Antifa are the problem. They should be dismantled and their members dismantled as well. The mayor of Seattle is a distraught nitwit and should never have been in office. Like New York, Washington state has very flawed political leaders.

  2. Joy Lester

    This is what a Dim run city looks like, she is an idiot and should be removed from office.

  3. Marcus Peters

    It will never be enough ever no matter what you give, they do not know what they want.

  4. Allan John KELLY


  5. Kirtie Simpkins

    Impeach the mayor, she is not worth her salt.

  6. Joe McDonald

    No. Ceding more of the city wouldn’t be enough for the protesters. Various organizers among them all want different things. None of which are reasonable. Durkan has abandoned the residents and business owners on Capitol Hill and continues to shrink before the protesters. The three socialist members of her city council rally with the protesters and generally make things worse.

    • Jose Vega

      TRASPASING IN NIGHT TIME? HAVE TO BE SHOT FROM THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY, NO POLICE PROTECTION? GET AK-47+GLOCK17+357Magnum+38sp and around 10 esplosive grenades and defend your self and your family, the politicians will destroy your life and your family, REMEMBER STUPID PEOPLE CHOICE THEY OWN IDIOT’S FOR GOVERNMENT

  7. Marlene

    Why don’t they spray these infiltrators with SKUNK water, using water cannons from the fire dept? No one would want to be around any of them and any time they start to gather again, give them another dose.

  8. Gary Sugarman

    Dimbot cities going to be hit with a tsunami, not a wave, of lawsuits from businesses and citizens all over. Last phase of the libtard suicide. The decision has to be made that it’s not a murder-suicide. The politician’s time to decide is running out. Real Americans are realizing we are alone.

  9. Dolores

    This mayor of Seattle was very stupid to give these people all these items. It just kept them going and demanding more.
    She needs to be replaced.

  10. Larry!

    They will see what the people really want come election time. Lost a number of big employers already, people are fed up.

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