Chinese Man Goes on Blind Date, Woman Brings 23 Relatives

Talk about blindsided.

Mr. Liu, a 29-year-old man who lives in the Eastern Chinese province Zhejiang, was dispirited about his social life. He reached such a low point in his dating that he agreed to a blind date set up by his mom. He spoke to the woman and offered to buy her dinner.

When Mr. Liu showed up at the restaurant, he found the woman had already arrived, with 23 of her relatives. 

The group ate and drank, and then the restaurant gave Mr. Liu the bill for the 25-person party, it came to roughly $2,700. Mr. Liu considered his options and then did what many people would do… he ducked out the back door.

His unidentified date was stuck with the bill for her family. She tried to reach Mr. Liu afterward, but it took a while.  Eventually, Mr. Liu agreed to pay a small portion of the bill.

When asked why she’d brought almost two dozen family members to a blind date, the woman said she wanted to test Mr. Liu to see if he was generous enough to pay for her family.

Right. She did Mr. Liu a favor by showing her crazy card early.

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Comments (1)

  1. Statesman Patriot

    He should have walked out as soon as he saw her +23!
    She is nuts!!

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