Chinese Install Malware in Their Own Country, What Do They Do To Others?

The Chinese government requires all companies operating in China to use Golden Tax Invoicing software to pay their value-added tax. But there’s a problem. Researchers recently found that the software comes with an unexpected, and uninvited, friend, malware they have dubbed Golden Helper. 

The malware bypasses User Account Control, allowing the program to install all sorts of programs with system-level privileges.

As if that weren’t enough, the researchers found that Golden Helper was preceded by an equally sophisticated malware they call Golden Spy.

Keep in mind, this is all contained within software companies are required to download and use.  It’s doubtful the Chinese government did not know about the malware. If the government is willing to spy on its own constituents, it seems likely they’d have no qualms about installing malware or other spyware on technology that they sell and distribute around the world.

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  1. Thomas murphy

    I think its a crying shame .That all the negative energy we humans are engaged in such non productive child like events .If al of us start demanding we spend the same resources ,time and energy von real human positive items,like .cures for human diseases,hunger,education for all human kind . What we could accomplish would be so precious for all humans.But .all no .We waste all this on .Whats going on everyday .We watch .egnore,and let go on ,is .Greed,selfishness,negitive actions by such small groups pushing their own Ideals and agendas For Some the smallest groups.We Had better stop accepting and paying attention To the negitive things we are doing to our country .and better start demanding ,if its not a positive,respectable action towards all people and property.Then it s to stop ! At all cost .If we ,and once we loose .Our freedom as a nation .We will never get it back .Never ! Better Take a hard look at china and Hong Kong . Thats where we are headed once we loose the America we know .

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