China Using Drones to Chase People Not Wearing Face Masks During Virus Outbreak

If you don’t like your car telling you to put on a seat belt, then you really won’t like what’s going on in China.

The state is using drones to police the streets in the areas most vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak. The drones search for anyone outside, especially those not wearing protective gear and then officials yell at the citizens through speakers on the drones.

State-run media posted a video of a drone hovering over an elderly woman as a voice speaks:

“Yes, auntie, this is the drone speaking to you. You see, we’ve been telling people to stay at home but you still wander outside. Now a drone is watching you.”

When the drone happened upon a child outside, the voice yelled:

“Hey kid! We are in unusual times. Don’t stroll around outside!”

Unusual times indeed.

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