China to Individuals: Go Green… Or Else

The Chinese government launched a new environmental campaign called “green living” aimed at individuals. The program urges people to cut waste, save water, and plant trees among other things.  The government didn’t give explicit targets for acceptable levels of individual activity, or even outline punishment for failing to participate, but in a country where the government maintains social credit scores, the message is clear.

Start doing what we want, or else.

The initiative expects that by 2022 more than 60% of households will be engaged in “green living” activities such as tree-planting, wildlife protection, and cutting plastic waste.

Communist Party and government departments would have to meet requirements to recycle, purchase new-energy vehicles and create paperless offices, while schools would be expected to create “green campuses.”

The program is focused on urban areas, where residential districts and shopping malls are expected to cut waste.

China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. It has been waging war on pollution and modernizing its heavy industrial economy in a bid to cut emissions and clean up its environment.

Shanghai has launched a series of new initiatives aimed at improving its environment, and it was the first Chinese city to force its residents to sort their own trash.

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