Chewing Gum Brands Want You Back: Adding Caffeine, Vitamins, and Other Compounds

Want to sleep better? Focus better?  Stay alert?  Don’t worry, the makers of chewing gum have you covered!

Companies like Mondelez, which makes Trident and Dentyne, are recasting gum as a delivery system for health benefits from better sleep to staying awake.  They’re achieving this by adding caffeine, vitamins, and even CBD to gum.

They need to do something, as gum sales dropped more than 20% between 2010 and 2018.  Americans just aren’t into the stuff anymore, noting everything from jaw pain to the stigma of being uncultured or impolite.

Dirk Van de Put, Chief Executive of Mondelez, said:

“The consumer these days is becoming much more interested in the functional benefits of food.  Gum is an interesting carrier of benefits.”

The idea isn’t new.  Aspergum, containing aspirin, was developed in the 1920s, and in 2013 Mars introduced Alert Energy Caffeine Gum.  The latter was quickly pulled from the shelves as people worried about children taking in high doses of caffeine.

There’s no certainty that the latest attempt to revive gum sales will work, but that hasn’t stopped a number of manufacturers who’ve created everything from Golf Gum to keep you in the game, to weight loss gum.

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