Chase Bank Deplatforms Covfefe Coffee

Covfefe Coffee, founded in 2018, brands itself as “Coffee For Deplorables By Deplorables.”

The company, which says their goal is to “provide to proud Americans, access to world-class coffee without having to fund your political and cultural opponents,” was informed via email on Wednesday that they would no longer be able to use their payment processing service because payments were “for one or more of the activities prohibited by” their terms of service.

But that’s weird, because the terms of service are clear and Covfefe doesn’t violate any of them. Could it be that the company’s offense is using the term “Make America Great Again,” and that offends the bankers?

Whatever the reason, Chase stopped processing payments for the company and refuses to release the company’s funds.

The email continued:

“Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to use WePay Payments to accept additional payments. Any pending payments will be canceled and you won’t be able to withdraw funds at this time.”

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Comments (11)

  1. Carolyn

    Once again, another establishment corporation targeting individuals/companies for political ideals. Tone deaf to the fact that this is persecutory behavior. As soon as I pay off my credit debt I will no longer do business with chase.

  2. Jennifer

    That’s BS

    • Robert

      Time to boycott chase ! All with chase accounts should freeze their payments to said bank !!!

  3. rebel winelover

    OK,,another bank gone political. This is so much discrimination…Chase has turned into a communistic bank. Doesn’t anyone find this dangerous…I know I do. I will never bank with Chase, or any other company that wants to shove their communistic cancel culture. We need to deplatform Chase and our government!

  4. Douglas

    No more chase bank for me

    • Rebelgirl

      Closing my account now! Hope they sue!

  5. Donald

    Chase has overstepped its athourity and violated its own rules abd should be held accountable. Even if there rules were not followed Chase is still criminally and unjustifiably freezing Coffee’s money.

  6. Papa Lee

    If they have a contract for this service, they should sue Chase for violating the contract. Also sue them for illegally withholding their funds. Find another service to use and stay away from the USEFUL IDIOTS that are anti-American Socialists.



    IT LOOKS LIKE TIME TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNTS AT CHASE! I will really miss the penny that they give me each month on my money market account for the last 2 or 3 years.

    Who do these people think they are, anyway?!

  8. RC

    Pain at the pump? From pictures I’ve seen of Biden playing with his older model Corvette he’ll no doubt be suffering along with the rest of us. OH YES! I just realized that crooked lying communist bastard gets something like $400,000.00 each year for being our dictator. And I guess the fact that he’s screwed no telling how many people out of money, he’s already a millionaire several times over. So, since we tax payers will no doubt be paying for his fuel he won’t be doing all that much suffering after all.

  9. Larry D

    I now have to move my business and personal accounts from Chase. Who in power will step up and do the right thing and punish this bad behavior that deprives anyone who wants to buy their coffee fro doing so with a Chase credit card they charge everyone to use. Leave us alone. We are capable of making our choices and we will not tolerate corporate and government bullying. Back off and stop your harassing the American people

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