Chaos in Washington as Pro-Trump Protestors Storm the Capitol Building

A series of protests from pro-trump supporters erupted in Washington D.C., creating chaos in our Nation’s Capital. In this video, our host, Dave, highlights some footage of the mayhem and gives his thoughts.

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Comments (11)

  1. Charles Long

    Well it’s a sad time we live in. Trump supporters did nothing but protest. The violence was again done to make the Trump supporters (in this case) look like they did it, but in fact the violence was done by others and the good old news put false information out yet again. They have the most reliable record of lying on the planet. Just wait because all the media will soon be controlled by the government, the pay will fall, those they don’t care for will be fired, and undoing just won’t be an option. The very country they got wealthy from will no longer exist. The world catastrophic events will no longer get aide from the 50 states of China. Citizens will own nothing, but will have food and housing available from the government. Trumps great low employment and great stock market and better world treaties that support are country will no longer exist. Retirement accounts will disappear leaving retired people with nothing.

  2. James

    What BS, if you look the instigators are antifa and blm. Trump supporters DON’T wear helmets only ANTIFA and BLM does that.

  3. Norman Czerski

    If Biden is certified we have allowed the chinese and the communist party to take over America. In the constitution, “When the government becomes oppressive to the people, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.”.

  4. Hong Yu Preiss

    Don’t be fooled. There are plenty of other photos and video footage out there. The bottom of the line is that you will make your own judgement after you find out the true identity who lead the attack. Please ask yourself why Twitter and Facebook don’t let Trump’s message out who wants people to go home?

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      If antifa and blm were leading the protest, we need proof. Proof positive. There are already videos of Trumper’ s marching to the capital, now we need real proof, not accusations.

  5. CrustyOldGeezer

    The Trump Crowds were INFILTRATED BY ANTIFA/BLM wearing “fit in’ clothing and provided 100% of the VIOLENT ACTIVITIES.

    The assaults were IDENTICAL TO THE ACTIONS OVER THE LAST YEARS in large, democrat controlled cities.

    As soon as the doors were breached, they faded back into the crowds, and made their way out.

    From watching outside videos you can watch them slip out, slip to the side and to the railing.

    Some dropped over the side and lowered themselves on yellow ropes dangling there.

    Then walked away as though they had never been there.

  6. w.

    his time in office. Get it right……

  7. Patricia-Danene Chiola

    As an American, I feel this is a disgrace for our Country and a sad time for those families who have lost their loved ones over a corrupt government that has gotten out of control. The hatred that has been displayed by all Parties is beyond repair and needs to be started from scratch. A revamping of the entire governmental system is very much required at this point and ALL SEATS in Congress, the House and the Senate need to be re-appointed and voted on ASAP. As it stands, the TRUST is totally gone by WE THE PEOPLE.

  8. Mark Welsch

    Congress seems to think they are above people and that they are smarter than most people. They voted them selves a cozy retirement and health insurance better than most people can even get. they vote on their own pay scale, and they have not earned their package and pay this year, I could have done a better job. When this country was founded people could go to Washington and show that they are upset with the people in office. Well a few people showed the congress and stupid politicians that they can come to Washington and they will show they are upset if they don’t get the job done. These people are not worried about the law, they are not sheep, they represent a lot of people, they are the ones that could get there. Politicians need to keep things i n mind and not play games on our money, do your job to represent me and my interests.

  9. Frances

    I was there along with 100’s of thousands of Patriots – although we were so many squished and crammed into everyone – every single person there apologized for crushing one another and we all laughed smiled and said no problem we got your back. We were there peacefully in support of our President and protesting against the corruption and fraud regarding the election – and NO ONE was armed or professed violence. Videos show police removing the barriers and encouraging people to come sit on the steps and in some encouraged people to pose. A complete set up by the swamp and Antifa – their motto is Create Chaos – it was a planned – staged and expected way to stop the electoral protest – how quickly they were to set up armed photographs of the scene they created. The hundreds of thousand Patriots in attendance had nothing to do with that horrible show they once again are trying to smear law abiding Patriots and the greatest President in our lifetime. Shame on the turncoat Republicans who rode his coat tails only to stab him and our Nation in the back. Despite the bogus media and swamp – President Trump is still our President – Thank GOD.`We will remember the traitors next elections they are running for.

  10. Lonnie Weyant

    If you condone this in anyway, you are just as responsible as those in the capitol. They don’t even have the guts to take responsibility. They now try to blame it on organizations not there. The people that were responsible need to grow a pair and take responsibility. Trump , his son and Rudy told them to do it as plain as day.

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