Chanel Turns from Making Little Black Dresses to Face Masks

Chanel fashion has been hot since the 1940s, with women lining up to pay top dollar for the latest creation from the fashion house.  Now people can get a different accessory from the design firm, face masks.

Chanel plans to launch production to assist its home country France in meeting supply demands.

Prototypes were being worked on and would roll off production lines once they received the approval of French authorities.

Chanel said in a statement:

“Today we are mobilizing our workforce and our partners … to produce protective masks and blouses.”

France is using 40 million masks per week and just ordered one billion more, mostly from China, for the weeks and months ahead.

Chanel also said it would not be putting any of its 4,500 employees into temporary unemployment as it weathers the sharp downtown in economic activity.

The only question is, will the masks bear the trademark C’s of Chanel Couture, and make them a must-have item?



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