Case Western Reserve University Sets Up Safe Spaces for Students Upset by Debates

Did the first presidential debate leave you feeling like you need a good cry? Well, if you’re a student, faculty member, or otherwise connected to Case Western Reserve, which hosted the first debate, there’s good news!

The university set up “Support Space” to help those traumatized by the debate to process the event and their feelings.

From the university’s website:

Support Space is a confidential safe space for students to have open discussions in a group setting, moderated by University Health & Counseling Services clinical staff. Students can discuss the impact of recent national events, including the presidential debate and upcoming election.

Support Space is not a substitute for psychotherapy and does not constitute mental health treatment.

Students can drop-in at any point throughout the entire hour session.

Participants will be expected to adhere to rules regarding respectful dialogue.

Notice that discussions in the Support Space are moderated by mental health professionals, not scholars of history, politics, or anything that might assist students in understanding the powers and limitations of the Executive Branch or anything else that help them better determine whom they support to run the nation.

But hey, if they need a hug because harsh words hurt their feelings, this is probably the place.

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Comments (1)

  1. Pat Marshall

    When are these so called adults going to grow up and face reality? Just how many cry babies are in this country and where is their mommies to hold them while they cry. I can’t believe how teens and twenty year old’s are being brought up these days and can’t face the real world. Maybe when they started giving every kid an award even when they didn’t win on their own. It’s time for them to grow the hell up and learn that they have to earn things on their own and wipe their eyes and stop drinking the koolaid others want them to drink. In case, GROW UP YOU SNIVELING ASS WIPES AND STOP BLAMING OTHERS BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T WIN THE FLAG!!!!!!!

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