Can The Democrats Stop Amy Coney Barrett From Being Confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice?

Can Dems Stop Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation? Biden Dodges “Court Packing” Questions… but what does it mean to “Pack the Court”?

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Comments (4)


    Trump did not pack the court, he filled the court openings. We live in a nation begun under God’s Word and want to remain that way. People who want God out – who don’t believe in God haven’t sought Him with their heart and soul and would find Him close as air they breathe, and yes you can have a personal relationship with Him. People with evil intent don’t belong in ruling our nation. God
    has said, no to the sins of America as they stand against God, and will destroy this nation. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for one of our sins. God is looking for those who call themselves Christians, (go by His name) to straighten up their ways and He will heal the land. That goes for Pastors, leadership of as well. ( 2 /chronicles 7:14 / Romans chp.1 vs. 13 on for one more of. Reason all must read the Bible not just attend church services.

  2. FH

    Yes the GOP should confirm Barrett! The voters have already spoken when they elected Trump for four years, not three! They also elected the Senate. President Trump has the Senate and the vacancy. It is constitutional and legal that he should fill this vacancy. The reference to OBAMA is mute. He did not have the Senate. If Ginsburg wanted Obama should fill the vacancy she should have retired and allowed him to do so. BUT WE ALL KNOW SHE DID NOT. The woman was wise in so many ways that she hasn’t been given credit for as of yet.

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      The Supreme Court is the final say in the land. Whatever is said goes. In a perfect world where judges rule on the law and not along party lines, we could have three republican judges and three democrat judges and know that they will rule on a case based on the law and know it was fair. The Chief Justice rules in case of a tie. We all know that here lately judges rule across party lines, so to get a case ruled on the way one party or the other wants it, then appoint more judges from their party.
      If the shoe is on the other foot, they would do the same thing.

  3. Patty

    Barrett should absolutely be confirmed! She is more than qualified! If the situation were reversed, the demonrats would confirm THEIR nominee. This confirmation MUST be done BEFORE the election! We need a full Supreme Court before the election, since it may have to go to the court to be decided.

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