Can Biden Go the Distance for a Full Term? Most of Us Don’t Think So

We’ve got two contenders in their 70s vying for the top job in the nation. We’d be remiss at best if we didn’t consider their age and fitness for office. President Trump is just a “touch” portly, and enjoys a meal from McDonald’s on a regular occasion.  But the man doesn’t drink, and appears to be fairly active even if he’s not an exercise buff.

As for Biden, he’s older than Trump by several years and, while seemingly physically fit, has often committed verbal gaffes that bring his mental acuity into question.

Which has to make us ask, “If elected, is Biden capable of going the full four years?” Apparently, the majority of Americans don’t think so.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 59% of likely U.S. voters think Biden’s eventual vice presidential nominee will take the reins before his first term is over.

You might immediately think that such a poll is split along political party lines, and you’d be right… sort of. While more Republicans than Democrats felt this way, the numbers weren’t terribly far apart.  About 73% of Republicans think that Biden can’t go the distance in his first term, followed by 57% of Independent voters, and then a full 49% of Democrats.

But, like so many other things in this election, Biden’s fitness for office almost doesn’t matter. More than half the voters polled still intend simply to vote against President Trump. His eventual opponent and the opponent’s running mate don’t seem to make much difference.

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Comments (10)

  1. Tom

    Half of the time Biden doesn’t even know where he is or what he talking about!
    This man is not fit to hold office.

  2. Oliver Perry

    Biden has total lost it. He can’t even put two words together without making a gaff. He would be more more than a figurehead. He thinks China is a friend of ours, really? He will raise taxes, unemployment will go way up, everything Trump has done over his term will be reversed and we will be under the thumb of China…goodbye to the American as we now know it!

  3. Rita Gould

    Those voting for Biden just to vote against Trump are totally ignorant of what Trump has accomplished, especially for Blacks. They are ignorant of what Socialism (What the Democrats seem to be guided toward) will ruin our country, it’s people and the economy. You will be told what to do, how to do it, when to do it and if you are allowed to do it. Try reading some history.


    They choose Biden because he is known but hope that he will not be long in office. So they can move there other radical pupped in.

  5. JC

    If Biden were to get elected no one can be sure that moron can live past the inauguration. I don’t think he will win and would never want one of the horrible VP potions to run our nation!

  6. Ren

    My opinion is that should he get elected, he won’t be President more than 1 year and someone will commit him to an institution and Kamala will be the Socialist President of the U.S. God help us all!

  7. glenn schmidt

    Biden is so far out of it I do not think he will make it three months before the his Socialist party invokes the 25th Amendment and removes him from office based on inability to perform his duties. So folks, as bad as Biden is, November’s election is not for Biden, but for Harris.

    • Pat

      Harris could not even make it to be a candidate for president. She was low on the totem poll of the democrats candidates. Why should she even be able to be our president? God help us.

      • Pat

        What moderation? And why?

  8. Sam

    Biden has already said he won’t go a second term but what he needs to say now is that he wants to win and turn over the presidency to Kamala to create black history, nothing to do with competency. These Democrats are appalling.

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