Californians Ready to Swamp Georgia to Support Democratic Senate Candidates

Many Californians have a lot of money, and they appear ready to spend it to get either one or both of the Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia elected in the runoff elections in January.

Democratic challenger Democrat Jon Ossoff is challenging incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue, and the Rev. Raphael Warnock is challenging incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Ossof raised 80% of his campaign funds for the general election from out of state, and 83% of Warnock’s funds were from elsewhere.

Election watchers expect more than $150 million to be spent on the runoffs.

Senator Loeffler, a successful businesswoman, funded more than 80% of her own campaign, and while Perdue raised about 42% of his campaign funds from out of state. Both will be showered with funds from outside Georgia, although it’s likely that neither will receive very much from California.

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Comments (3)

  1. Norbert Kausen C.D.

    That must NOT be allowed! It is a disgrace that they would attempt to gain residency status simply to out the Republicans and install their brand of communism! They should NOT be allowed residency status UNTIL they have lived there for a minimum of a year and established a viable business, if they are so intent on doing such a despicable political move. What happens, should they succeed?? Would they live in Georgia?? They would be taken out by IRATE Georgians!

    • Rod Bartels

      How can they vote there must be residency requirement in order to vote normally six months and a day. The election authorities must canvas all provisional ballots

  2. Bruce Sims

    The ESTABLISHED allotment of FAKE NEWS and DEEP STATE icons (LOL) have used this “Dominion” electronic pathway to STEAL what they could not get LEGALLY! They couldn’t beat D.T, against H/C, and were as sure as the sun rising in the morning, but were WRONG! So, they resorted to this method, the HOOK or CROOK method! (they tried in before, I believe in the G.B.incident, and started small and have now worked up to what GOT Hugo Chavez elected, and they used what worked, NOW, the COMPLETE Control, if nothing is EXPOSED) I will say this: This thing is still NOT decided and I “PRAY” (NOW there’s a “WEAPON” that NO one can take away or stop) that their FOLLY will be EXPOSED! IF you believe in PRAYER to GOD Almighty/Jesus Christ, you pray too, w/out ceasing! 1 Thes 5:17 KJV These so and so’s do not figure on playing fair, they want to take away our HERITAGE and our GOD given nation and make it align w/the New One World Order! To do that, this nation has to be brought DOWN to a 3rd world status! That does NOT include them, of course!

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